How Can I Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp

Gmail Account provides free space to store data. A person can use Gmail Account to take backup. It’s up to you that either you wants to use your Gmail account to take backups or thinking that should I Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp . If you don’t want to use Gmail Account you can change or remove your Gmail account from WhatsApp by doing a simple procedure. So if you are having a problem that How Can I Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp then this article is here for you. You just have to read the whole article & follow the steps. If you don’t read whole article it may not led you to the successful results.

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  1. Any company’s mobile.
  2. Mobile or Smart phone having installed android or IOS operating system.
  3. Internet connection should be available on your mobile.
  4. User should have an active WhatsApp account.

Steps to Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 1: Check current Gmail account that is servicing to take backups of your WhatsApp by going to the settings.

Remove My Gmail Account From WhatsApp
Check Gmail I’d

Step 2: Close WhatsApp & Select Settings of your phone.

IMG 20230122 165126
Tap Settings

Step 3: Search or Go to Google & then tap on it.

IMG 20230122 174834
Select Google

Step 4: Check current Gmail account & verify that it’s the account that is currently using by your WhatsApp. After verification click the Manage your Google Account option below your I’d.

IMG 20230122 174746
Tap Manage your Google Account

Step 5: An interface containing a horizontal list of options will be available.

IMG 20230122 174557
Note a list of options.

Step 6: Push horizontally Available option from left to right. In vertical list of options you will see a Security option.

IMG 20230122 174659
Search Security option.

Step 7: Click Security option. And push upward the available details. You will see a list of Third-party apps with account access. You have to search the WhatsApp.

IMG 20230122 174359
Click Security & search WhatsApp

Step 8: Tap on WhatsApp. You will see the information that WhatsApp Messenger has access to Google drive. Click on Manage Third-party access.

IMG 20230129 100408
Click Manage third-party access

Step 9: Next click REMOVE ACCESS option.

IMG 20230122 165755
Tap remove access.

Step 10: Click OK to remove access. Gmail link is removed from WhatsApp.

IMG 20230122 165652
Click OK

Step 11: Now link is removed but the Gmail I’d that was using by you to take back up of your data is still showing. If you want that this should also be deleted from here. Then you have to Uninstall your WhatsApp.

IMG 20230122 165535
Uninstall WhatsApp

Step 12: Next Again Install WhtsApp and activate your I’d. After account activation go to Google drive back up in settings of your WhatsApp.

IMG 20230122 165427
Go to Google Drive backup

Step 13: Select Never from the list of available back up frequencies.

IMG 20230122 165323
Select Never

Step 14: Note that your Gmail I’d has removed from WhatsApp .

IMG 20230122 165221
Gmail account has Removed.

2. For IOS Users

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Detailed procedure of a problem that How Can I Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp has been covered. It will prove really best for you. If you are finding more information then read more articles.

How do I delete a linked account on WhatsApp?

Avail of WhatsApp Select Delete my account under More choices > Settings > Account. Tap DELETE MY ACCOUNT and enter your phone number in its entirety in international format & type reasons. Tap Delete my account

Is WhatsApp linked to Gmail account?

Backups produced on WhatsApp are linked to the Google account and phone number used to create them. Google may automatically destroy WhatsApp backups that haven’t been updated in the last five months. However Remove your Gmail Account From WhatsApp when you want.

Where WhatsApp data back up is stored in Gmail account?

Your data may be backed up to Google Drive using WhatsApp. On the WhatsApp support page, find instructions on backing up and restoring your communications. Your backups won’t consume any of your own Google Account’s Google Drive capacity. Your backup can be used to restore your WhatsApp messages and attachments.

Can I change WhatsApp Backup account?

Avail of WhatsApp Select Chat backup under More options > Settings > Chats. Use Google Drive as a backup. Choose a different backup frequency than Never. Choose the Google account you want to use to save your chat history. User can easily add or Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp.

Where is WhatsApp backup stored?

Backups of WhatsApp chats are kept in Google Drives. The amount of time that your WhatsApp communications are retained can be altered. Your WhatsApp chat backups were preserved in two recent copies on Google Drive. Google drive is linked to Gmail. I am being a WhatsApp user can easily add or Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp.

What will be the disadvantage to Remove my Gmail Account from WhatsApp?

No issue, if you don’t wants to take backups of data you can remove Gmail account.

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