How Do I Change My Google account on WhatsApp

To Change my Google account on whatsapp is an easy and simple technique. A Google account switching option is available on Whatsapp. You can use WhatsApp on various devices. There are some ways discussed in this article. To Change your Backup Email Addresses on WhatsApp will be discussed. Let’s briefly go over the simple, step-by-step procedure for changing accounts.

You will know a complete solution to Change My Google account on WhatsApp. So, please read the whole article.

Prerequisite Tools & Software

  • Mobile (Android \IOS) 
  • You should have an internet connection
  • Whatsapp should be installed 
  • You should have a Gmail account to change it from WhatsApp.

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Steps to Change my google Account on Whatsapp

Step 1: To Change My Google account on WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp: It’s not difficult to change your account on WhatsApp. So let’s open WhatsApp first. Clicking it will launch Whatsapp.

Step 2: Select the three-dot menu option. An open chat page can then be seen on your screen. Click on the three-dot option in the page’s upper right corner.

Step 3: Go to WhatsApp Settings. When the three-dot menu appears, a number of options will be shown on your page

Go to the settings for the last choice now.

Open the options after selecting it.

Step 4: Then select Chats Settings. When you open the settings, a different choice will appear on your screen.

The Chats option must be chosen.

Just click it.

The next step is to select Chats.

Step 5: When you click Chat Backup, the other page with the various options will show up under Chats Options on your screen. Choose the Chat backup option next. Clicking on the option will activate it.

Step 6: Then select Google Account. When you select the Chat Backup option, a page with all the information about your chats and account will open.

in order to modify your Google account.

Go to the Google Account option.

Just click it.

Step 7: Change the Google Account: A menu for your accounts will appear after you click on the Google Account. All of the Google accounts connected to your device will be displayed.

Consequently, pick the account for the chat backup.

After that, click it.

Your Google account is then modified.

Your newly linked Google account will now be used by WhatsApp to backup communications.

We have discussed the whole procedure to Change My Google account on WhatsApp. The provided guideline will prove really best for you.

Video Guide to Change My Google account on WhatsApp.

Change My Google account on WhatsApp?

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Can You Add Two Google Accounts To Your WhatsApp Chat Backup Simultaneously?

Two Google accounts cannot be linked to the same Whatsapp account. When using WhatsApp for chat backup, only one account can be linked. On WhatsApp, you can change the account, as described in the instructions above.

Can You Back Up Your Chats on WhatsApp in Google Drive?

Two Google accounts cannot be linked to the same Whatsapp account. One Change to WhatsApp’s settings will result in a backup of your chat in your Google Drive. Google Drive must be selected as the chat backup option. The following conversation backup will be uploaded to your Google Drive after it is set.
Even the length of the chat backup is up to you. Every day, every week, every month, never, or whenever you select Google Drive chat backup on WhatsApp.

Can you Delete Messages on WhatsApp That are Sent Mistakenly?

Whatsapp’s messaging functions are excellent. On WhatsApp, you can delete messages.even before the sender has read them. You may easily remove unread messages on WhatsApp. Simply pick the chat and press the top-right trash can symbol. Your chat session will be ended.

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