Can I Trim Sound on TikTok

Users on TikTok create funny, informative & interesting content by using different effects, filters & sounds on vedios. One of more effective feature is to Trim Sound on TikTok. Article will basically cover a procedure through which a TikTok users will be able to Trim Sound on TikTok according to their requirements. Trimming a sound allows users to use a specific portion of a song or sound. So users can create perfect soundtracks for their content without unnecessary extra sounds.

A TikTok user may want to create funny or serious informative videos it’s mandatory to have knowledge about how properly use a sound. Article will cover process to trim & select a perfect portion of sound for content. If you are a TikTok user wants to Trim Sound on TikTok to create unique content then this article is about you. Read complete article to be successful. Any missed step may led to unwanted results.

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  • Mobile or iPhone of any company as per user’s requirements
  • Android or IOS operating systems in proper working condition
  • Users should have an active TikTok account
  • User’s device should have internet connection facility

Steps to Trim Sound on TikTok

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 01: Tap on TikTok & open it for further use.

Trim Sound on TikTok
Tap TikTok

Step 02: Tap add Icon to record or upload a video.

IMG 20230426 144603
Tap add icon

Step 03: Tap on Add sound feature to add a sound.

IMG 20230426 144700
Tap Add Sound

Step 04: Select a song or sound & then click on Tick Icon to finally add it to video.

IMG 20230426 144815
Tap select icon

Step 05: Tap on Trim option available at the right side of interface.

IMG 20230426 150255
Tap Trim option

Step 06: Trim the sound & select a specific portion you want to add to your video. Finally click tick icon to add the trimmed sound.

IMG 20230426 145021 1
Trim & tap right icon

Step 07: Now record a video.

Screenshot 2023 04 26 14 50 41 24 1
Tap record Icon

Step 08: Check the video & note that specific portion of sound that you trimmed has played.

Screenshot 2023 04 26 14 50 58 36 1
Sound has trimmed

2. For IOS Users

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Finally article has get a successful result about trimming a sound. Surely it will prove really very helpful for you. A user even having no technical knowledge can easily Trim Sound on TikTok by following the steps mentioned above. If you are interested to get more Informative content then you can visit more articles.

Can I Trim Sound on TikTok

Yes you can Trim Sound on TikTok as mentioned in the article. But you will not be able to edit your videos after it has been posted. In such situation you can only trim the sound by making a new video using the Use this sound function.

Why I am not able to Trim Sound on TikTok?

You can no longer trim your videos after it has been posted. You have to create a new video to use this sound feature. In your new video you can now trim sounds or songs easily.

How can I remove sound from one part of TikTok?

To access the original sound screen, tap the sound icon at the bottom of the video in the TikTok app.At the top, click the Share button.To remove the sound from all videos that contain it, press Remove sound, then tap Remove on the following screen and confirm.

How do I add my own music to TikTok without copyright?

If a song uses content that is protected by copyright, TikTok can tell. Make sure the music rights have been cleared in order to avoid copyright breaches, or better yet, refrain from employing any content at all. Make sure you have permission from the owner of the copyright to use the music if you chose to utilise a cover song.

Can you extend a song on TikTok?

The most straightforward approach to extend music on TikTok is to record videos longer than 15 seconds because TikTok does not enable you to directly combine numerous pieces of music, repeat, or reverse music. Set the timer to 60 seconds, then record your performance or yourself.

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