How to Change Account in WhatsApp

Anyone can Change Account in WhatsApp. Whatever the reasons to change account, WhatsApp proffers the facility to change account in WhatsApp. In a case to change account in WhatsApp, you need to know that you also have to change the phone number. Infact WhatsApp accounts are directly linked to phone numbers so, it’s not possible to active more then one account on the same phone number. If you want to change account & finding the solution that How to Change Account in WhatsApp then this article contains complete detail. You must have to read the whole article to get the accurate results regarding your query.

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  • Mobile or IOS
  • Mobile or smart phone with Android or IOS operating system
  • A new phone number currently active in mobile
  • User must have an active Internet Connection on mobile
  • User should have an active WhatsApp Account

Steps to Change Account in WhatsApp

  1. For Android users
  2. For IOS users

1. For Android users

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp installed on your phone & tap it to open.

to Change Account in WhatsApp
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: WhatsApp has opened. Chat interface is present. Click three dot icon.

IMG 20230201 170127
Click three-dots.

Step 3: Go to Settings menu of WhatsApp.

IMG 20230201 170431
Tap Settings

Step 4: Select & click Account from the available list of options.

IMG 20230201 170654
Select Account

Step 5: Another list of options will appear. Select Change number from available options.

IMG 20230201 170728
Tap Change number

Step 6: Instructions will appear to notify that account is going to be change or migrate & what can happen in case of changing account. Read the instructions carefully & Click Next.

IMG 20230201 170824
Tap Next

Step 7: An interface containing two options to enter your old phone number & to enter your new phone number. Enter old & new phone number. After entering bother numbers Click Next.

  • Old number is the number that is currently using in your WhatsApp account.
  • New number will be the number to Which you are going to change your account.
IMG 20230201 183743
Enter numbers & click Next

Step 8: Again conformation message will appear to update that you are going to change your number from old to new number. There will also be the option to notify your contacts about the change of your account. Enable option by using toggle option if you want. Then press Done.

IMG 20230201 171403
Tap Done

Step 9: Number will be verified & a verification will be send to new number for account activation. Enter 6 digit code received on your sim.

IMG 20230201 172141 1
Enter 6 digit code

Step 10: New account will be initialized.

Screenshot 2023 02 01 17 16 36 40
Account will initialize

Step 11: Profile Info will show. Add user name & finally click Next.

IMG 20230201 172448
Tap Next

Step 12: New account is activated.

IMG 20230201 172555
New account is available

2. For IOS users

We successfully have completed the whole process to Change Account in WhatsApp. Surely provided Information will prove the best solution of your query. If you want more Informative data visit more articles.

How do I Change Account in WhatsApp on another phone?

Download WhtsApp on your new phone & register your new phone number. Download WhatsApp on your new phone & register new phone number. Delete WhatsApp Account on old phone that is active on your old phone number. Thus you will be able to Change Account in WhatsApp on another phone.

Is it possible to have two WhatsApp Accounts on one phone?

On your dual SIM smartphone, open the options app, and seek for the dual Apps or Parallel Spaces App settings. To activate the dual App option for the WhatsApp app, tap on it and choose WhatsApp. Now, your home screen or App Drawer should have a second WhatsApp icon.

What happens if I have to Change Account in WhatsApp by changing phone number?

Your old WhatsApp chats will be accessible on your new number if you are using the same phone but with a different phone number thanks to the “Change Number”option . In the beginning, you would need to back up your account if you were switching to a new phone and using the “Change Number” option.

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