How to Lock Whatsapp in iPhone

To know about lock Whatsapp, first, we will learn something about the Whatsapp app. Whatsapp is a free-to-download messenger app for smartphones. WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, images, audio, or video.

Whatsapp also provides the feature of lock whatsapp in iPhone. If you have any problem locking your Whatsapp in your iPhone. and don’t know how to lock Whatsapp.  this article is for you. So, please read the whole article for a better understanding. 


  1. You must have an android phone.
  2. You need a strong internet connection. 
  3. You must have a WhatsApp app on your android phone and have an account on them. If not then install the WhatsApp app first from the google play store.If Face ID is not working on your iPhone, how can you lock WhatsApp?

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Steps to Lock Whatsapp in iPhone

Step 1:  To Lock Whatsapp in iPhone first step is to Tap on your WhatsApp app. 

Step 2: Tap on settings to lock whatsapp in iPhone.

Step 3: When you open Whatsapp settings now the third step is to tap on the privacy option.

 Step 4:  Now you have to scroll, down and tap on the Lock Screen option.

Step 5:  Now You will see the Touch ID option just enable it on your iPhone.

Step 6: When you enable the touch ID option your Whatsapp app will be locked.

Video guide to Lock Whatsapp in iPhone
How to Lock Whatsapp in iPhone

The successful procedure to Lock Whatsapp in iPhone has been completed. Users can easily be able to delete Whatsapp Pictures For Everyone as & when needed. Surely this article will prove the best solution to your problem. If you are interested to get more information, visit more articles.

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Can Face ID be enabled for Wha?tsApp?

You can activate Face ID on WhatsApp, yes. Open WhatsApp and select the Settings option to do this. Go to General and select Advanced. Tap Security under the “Keyboard & text input” area. Choose Set face ID from the “Face ID” menu. If prompted, enter your PIN; after that, verify your identity by scanning your face with the camera on your device.

With an iPhone, how do you lock your apps?

On an iPhone, you can lock your apps in a few different ways. One method is to enable the “Lock Screen” option under Settings > General > Restrictions. Using the App Store app and selecting the “Locked” option is a different approach. Finally, you can remotely lock your smartphone using the “Find My iPhone” app.

How do I enable Touch ID on WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp and select Settings to turn on Touch ID. Tap “Touch ID” under “Security & privacy.” To verify your identity, you must enter your password. You can designate your device’s fingerprint scanner as your default authentication method if it has one.

If Face ID is not working on your iPhone, how can you lock WhatsApp?

If Face ID is not functioning, there are a couple of ways to lock WhatsApp on an iPhone. Entering your passcode is one possibility. Another choice is to shut off WhatsApp and then restart it.

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