How To Keep Password For WhatsApp

The user can easily keep password for WhatsApp. As a Whatsapp user, it is very necessary for a user to protect his privacy and chats on WhatsApp. For this purpose, users can easily Keep passwords for WhatsApp and can be able to protect their chats on Whatsapp. It is very easy to keep passwords for WhatsApp. With the help of a password on the WhatsApp app if other users will try to access your WhatsApp application he or she can’t open your WhatsApp application.

Users can easily hide their WhatsApp chat from others. Users can adopt this method to protect their WhatsApp. but when users decide to Keep a Password For WhatsApp they don’t know how to do it. Being a WhatsApp user it is mandatory for us to know how we can Keep Password For WhatsApp.

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  1. Mobile or iPhone of any company 
  2. Mobile or Smartphone having installed Android or IOS operating system.
  3. Your mobile device should be able to connect to the internet
  4. The user should have a WhatsApp account

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Method To Keep Password For WhatsApp 

In this article you see the solution on two different types of devices. First solution is for Android users and the second solution is for IOS users.

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android users

Step 1: To Keep Password For WhatsApp the first step is to Tap on your WhatsApp.

1 keep password for WhatsApp
Open WhatsApp

Step 2: You can see our WhatsApp is open there is no password set on our application. Click on the three dots upper right corner to keep password for WhatsApp

2 keep password for WhatsApp
Click on three dots

Step 3: Then tap on the setting to keep the password for WhatsApp

3 keep password for WhatsApp
Click on setting

Step 4: Then click on the privacy option.

4 keep password for WhatsApp
Tap on Privacy

Step 5: Last you will see the fingerprint lock then tap on it to keep the password for WhatsApp

5 keep password for WhatsApp
Tap on fingerprints

Step 6: Then tap on unable.

6 keep password for WhatsApp

Step 7: Now you have to use a fingerprint to keep password for WhatsApp

7 keep password for WhatsApp
Use a fingerprint to keep password for WhatsApp

Step 8: Now you have set the duration of time.

8 keep password for WhatsApp
Select time duration

Step 9: Now you have to close WhatsApp and then Open your WhatsApp again. it will ask for your fingerprint.

9 keep password for WhatsApp
Use fingerprint

Step 10: Open your WhatsApp by giving your fingerprint here.

10 keep password for WhatsApp 1
Unlock WhatsApp

Watch the video guide to make more clarity.

Video Guide
How to keep the password for WhatsApp | Amazing Guide 2023

2. For IOS users

Coming Soon.

The article has covered a successful practical process of “Keep Password For WhatsApp“. The process has been divided into simple steps to make it understandable for newbies & non-technical users. A user can easily Keep a Password For WhatsApp after following the steps mentioned above. Surely it will prove helpful for you & will also add to your knowledge. If you are interested to get more informative material then you can visit other articles.

Which app can I use to lock my WhatsApp chat?

AppLocker is an Android app by Do Mobile Lab. It locks apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, and any app chosen. Other than locking incoming calls, it prevents unauthorized access and guards privacy.

How can I lock my WhatsApp without a Face ID?

Tap on ‘Privacy’. Then, tap on ‘Screen Lock’ at the bottom of the screen. Turn off the toggle for ‘Require Face ID’. It will disable all authentication requirements for opening WhatsApp.

What is the passcode for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp secures end-to-end encrypted backups with a password or 64-digit encryption key to add an extra degree of security. Your encrypted backup can only be accessed with this password or key, and it cannot be moved to another computer.

Without my thumbprint, can someone access my WhatsApp?

How to get around and turn off WhatsApp’s biometric lock? You only need to remove the biometrics that are stored on your phone. You must be aware of the backup unlock PIN or code that all Android phones must first require before registering fingerprints in order to do this. Depending on your OS, the specific procedures will change.

Can WhatsApp be used to hack an iPhone?

Although an iPhone cannot access WhatsApp directly, there are techniques to hack iPhones using WhatsApp. Installing a third-party app that gives access to WhatsApp communications is one method. Another option is to use a VPN service, which hides your IP address and gives the impression that you are using a different location to use the WhatsApp app.

Can my WhatsApp be hacked?

A messaging program called WhatsApp has more than 1 billion active users. The application is secure by default, however, there are ways for someone to get into your account. Your messages and photographs may be accessed, for instance, if you use a weak password or if your phone is compromised. Additionally, if you share your WhatsApp account with someone else and they have access to your phone, they could view your chats and photographs.

Why won’t my fingerprint on my iPhone work?

Your iPhone’s fingerprint may not function for a number of reasons. If your iPhone has been functioning normally for a long but now won’t allow you to unlock it with a fingerprint, there may be a problem with the fingerprint sensor. If you recently purchased an iPhone and it won’t unlock with your fingerprint, there may be a hardware or software issue with your device.

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