How to join WhatsApp group via link

One of the most convenient feature of WhatsApp is to join WhatsApp group via link. Users can easily join WhatsApp Group Invite Link & share it with other contacts to add them to that particular WhatsApp Group. If you are the group administrator, you can share a link with others to invite them to join the group. Use this feature carefully & share links with people you trust because anyone with whom you share the invite link on WhatsApp can join the group. If you are finding the solution to join a WhatsApp group via a link then please read the whole article and follow its steps.


  1. iPhone or mobile of any company
  2. Mobile or Smartphone having installed android or IOS operating system.
  3. Your mobile device should be able to connect to the internet
  4. The user should have a WhatsApp account 


1: Can I  join a group on WhatsApp using a link?

Methods to join WhatsApp group via link

  1. For Android users
  2. .For iOS users

1.For Android users

Steps to join WhatsApp group via link 

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp from your mobile device

How to join WhatsApp group via link
Open WhatsApp

Step 2:After opening WhatsApp, open the conversation where the link has come to join WhatsApp group via link

How to join WhatsApp group via link
Open conversation

Step 3:If U receive the invitation link then it looks like this to join WhatsApp group via link

How to join WhatsApp group via link
The link look like this

Step 4:In your conversation screen tap on click and join a group.

How to join WhatsApp group via link
Join the group

Step 5:After joining you can see the group name and list of contacts.

WhatsApp Image 2023 03 27 at 8.33.18 AM 1
You can see a list of contacts

Video Guide

How to join WhatsApp group via link | Amazing Guide 2023

If you see this video you can easily solve the problem to join a WhatsApp group via a link

All the steps of how to join a WhatsApp group via link have been discussed. You must have found the solution to your query and if you want more information about the WhatsApp then read more articles 

How can I accept an invitation on WhatsApp?

The group’s active members will be listed under Participants on the invite pop-up. You might recognize some of these people, and the list may help you understand why you were invited to the group. Choose JOIN GROUP. This is the green button in your screen’s lower-right corner.

Without an admin or group link, how can I join a WhatsApp group?

Without the administrator’s authorization, follow the WhatsApp
To rejoin the conversation, you can ask any group member to send you a link to the group call. You can create a new account and join the group by clicking the invitation link if you have a group invitation and want to do so without the admin’s permission.

How can I join a group on WhatsApp without being invited?

Check out To join the group on WhatsApp, select a category, select a group within that category, and then select Join Chat.

Why does the link not work in WhatsApp?

None of the URLs in a message are by default clickable when it is sent for the first time to someone who has yet to save the sender’s contact. To reduce the number of spam messages on their network, WhatsApp has put this restriction in place on purpose.

What is my WhatsApp link location?

Go to Settings > Business Tools > Quick Links after launching the app. To display the link, select “short link”. Tap the link icon to copy the link and paste it into a message, a social network post, or another website.

Describe the WhatsApp Connection.

This functionality is anticipated to be accessible from the Calls tab of the WhatsApp Chat list on both the Android and iOS operating systems.
Here, users can create links for audio or video calls that are planned or instant, and then share those connections with their loved ones in private chats or groups.

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