How to like a Comment on Facebook

Like other social media platforms, users can easily like a comment on Facebook. Liking a comment on Facebook shows whether you are satisfied with the comment or not. Reaction is the best way to show your emotions or or your certification with a post on any social media platform. On Facebook users can react on any post as well as react or like the comment that is under any post. 

If you want to like a comment you simply go to the comment that you can’t like. When you find the comment simply press and hold the comment you see some reactions. After that you chose the thumb icon to show your liking on this comment. This is the simple and easy way to like a comment on Facebook.

If you want to like a comment on Facebook then this article is totally for you. After reading this article you come to know the simple and easy way to show your liking or disliking on any Facebook comment. For proper results please read the whole article. Now we go to the process of liking a comment on Facebook.

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  • The user needs a mobile or iPhone device.
  • The devices must install an android or iOS operating system.
  • The user also needs an active account on Facebook.
  • A strong internet connection was also needed to perform this process.

Steps to Like a Comment on Facebook

In this article you will see the solution of your query on two different types of devices. The user who uses the android device and the users that uses an iPhone device can get help from this article. The process will be performed on two types of devices, one of them is android device & other is iPhone. Both types of users can get information from this article. Now move to the steps that will make you able to like a comment on Facebook.

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

For Android Users

Step 01: Locate & tap the Facebook app available on your device.

Like a comment on Facebook
Tap Facebook

Step 02: Search a post whose comment you want to like. After finding the post tap comment option available under the post.

2 Like a comment on Facebook
Tap comment

Step 03: Locate the comment that you want to like. Tap the Like option available under that particular comment which is selected by you.

3 Like a comment on Facebook
Tap Like

Step 04: Note that a thumbs up icon will appear at the lower right side of the comment.

4 Like a comment on Facebook
Tap thumbs up

For IOS Users

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Hopefully this article provides you with a brief and proper guideline and now you are able to like a comment on Facebook. If you want to get any other type of information regarding Facebook or want to explore other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Hangouts, TikTok or Instagram then visit more articles.

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