Does Facebook keeps data after Deleting the Account

Facebook keeps data after deleting the account in some situations. When you delete your account your posted data is also deleted. However, some solutions are possible to keep your data. Your family members or friends post something about you that is not part of your profile and can’t be deleted when you delete your account. In this way your messages that you send someone else cant be deleted. It is stored on a Facebook database.

If you want to know that Facebook keeps data after deleting the account then this article is totally for you. Here you see the possibilities about keeping data after deleting your account. After reading the whole article you come to know that dose Facebook keeps data after deleting the account or not. Now we move to the steps.

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  • The users need a mobile or an iPhone device.
  • The devices must install an Android or IOS operating system.
  • You need a Facebook account that you want to delete or check the results.
  • A strong internet connection must be needed for this purpose.

Possibilities of Facebook keeps data after deleting the account.

Your Facebook account data also delete when you delete your account. When you delete your account temporarily your date remains in your profile but your profile disappears from the Facebook platform for a short period of time. And when you rejoin your account your data will be restored. If you delete your account permanently then your data also delete. Facebook deletes only the data that you posted. Now we see the possibilities of keeping your data on your Facebook account.

  1. If your family member or your friend posts anything about you, this post is not deleted because it is not in your profile.
  2. If you chat with someone your messages are stored in the database and not be deleted when you delete your account.
  3. If someone shares your picture is also not deleted.
  4. Your comment on any post will also don’t deleted. But your name is erased from the comment.
  5. Your likes or dislikes on others’ posts are also not deleted.

These are possible reasons that you read how Facebook keeps data after deleting the account.

I hope this article proves informative for you and now you are aware of is Facebook keeps data after deleting the account or not. If you want to get more information regarding Facebook or other social media platforms then visit more articles.

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Does Facebook keep data from deleted accounts?

How much private information does Facebook possess? Information persists even if you delete your account. They might have a hidden profile with more information than you’d think even if you haven’t signed up for an account on a social media platform.

Does deleting an account delete data?

All of the information and content in that account, including the emails, files, calendars, and pictures, will be lost.

What happens if I delete Facebook user data?

Once it’s been removed, access is lost forever. After a request for deletion, we postpone it for a few days. If you come back into your Facebook account during this time, a deletion request is revoked. The history of your messages, for example, is not kept in your account.

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