How to edit WhatsApp audio

The microphone and audio recorder are already pre-installed on Android phones, which are highly useful and can be used to edit WhatsApp audio. The best app for editing audio on your phone will depend on the type of editing tools you need.

Currently, you need to utilize a third-party app to edit audio recordings on your Android phone. This is true since not every Android phone currently supports cropping audio recordings. You can rename the audio recording on your phone, and the audio recorder app on your phone lets you alter the playback speed of the audio recording.

We’ll examine the numerous methods for editing the audio recording on your phone in this article. This article can help if you’re unclear about “how to alter WhatsApp audio.” You read the whole article.


  • User must have own mobile / iPhone 
  • Android or IOS operating systems should be in working condition
  •  A strong internet connection is required.
  • The user should have a WhatsApp account

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Method to edit WhatsApp audio

  • For Android users
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  1. For Android users

Steps to edit WhatsApp audio

Step.1- First, you need to download the audio file from WhatsApp. You can do this by tapping and holding the audio message in the chat until it is selected, then tapping on the download button.

edit WhatsApp audio
How to edit WhatsApp audio | Amazing Guide 2023

Step.2- Next, you need audio editing software that can edit the properties of the audio file. There is a lot of free audio editing software available, such as Audacity, WavePad, or Ocenaudio. You can download and install any of these on your computer or smartphone.

image 42
Step 2: Download and then open this app

Step.3- Once you have the audio file open in the editor, you can make changes to its properties Look for options such as “Export,” “Save As,” or “Render” to choose the desired output format and settings.

image 43
Step 3: you have the audio file open in the editor

Step.4- After you have made the changes, save the edited audio file and then share it back to your WhatsApp chat.

image 44
Step 4: save the edited audio file
How to edit WhatsApp audio | Amazing Guide 2023

It’s important to note that editing someone else’s audio without their permission may be a violation of their privacy or intellectual property rights, so please make sure you have the proper consent before editing and sharing any audio files.

2. For IOS users

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You can successfully edit an audio recording on your Android phone in a variety of ways, using both the phone’s built-in software and third-party apps. Even without an online connection, the recorder app functions.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you find the best solution. More information is available in the following posts.

 How can I change a WhatsApp message?

Open the message and press the three lines in the top left corner to modify it in WhatsApp. After that, click “Edit Message.”

Can a voice note be edited?

A voice note can indeed be edited. The message might not be able to be easily altered if it is long or has numerous revisions.

 How can I modify audio files?

Although there are numerous audio editing apps available, the fundamental procedures are usually the same: input the audio file, modify it as you see fit, and export the result.

 On WhatsApp, how do I trim audio?

By selecting the message, tapping on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, and choosing “Trim Audio,” WhatsApp users can remove audio from messages.

On WhatsApp, how do I cut audio?

When you long-press and hold on to a message in WhatsApp, you can choose “Cut Audio” from the list of available alternatives.

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