How to Edit Friend Lists on Facebook

A friend list is a key feature that makes users able to connect with friends. Users can easily create, delete & edit friend lists on Facebook. Friend lists empower users to categorize & ensuring that they can share updates & interact with specific communities. Users can easily add & remove friends from their friend lists. The post is mainly going to discuss the editing process of a friend list.

Being a platform user a person should be able to manage the friend lists to properly organize their contacts. A well-managed friend list is mandatory to get a good experience of using the platform. An unorganized list can cause irritation for the users. So, people manage & sort their friend lists to organize a relevant community.

This post will cover two managing methods. The process will cover useful guidelines that a person should keep in mind while managing their friend lists. So, if you are a user who wants to edit friend lists on Facebook but looking for an authentic guideline & process then this post can be the best point for you. You must have to read the whole article & follow the complete steps to get the best results.

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  • Any company’s mobile or iPhone
  • The device should have an active version of Android or IOS operating systems
  • Internet service should be available
  • Users should have an active Facebook account

Steps to Edit Friend Lists on Facebook

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Method 01:

Use this method to sort the list of your friends.

Step 01: Tap to open Facebook.

Edit Friend Lists on Facebook
Tap Facebook

Step 02: Tap Friends icon to get the access to your friend list.

2 Edit Friend Lists on Facebook
Tap Friends Icon

Step 03: Next tap the Sort option available at the upper right corner of the interface.

3 Edit Friend Lists on Facebook
Tap Sort

Step 04: Three types of options will appear. Select one of them according to your requirements.

4 Edit Friend Lists on Facebook
Select an option

Method 02:

Use this method to remove unwanted friends from the list of your friends.

Step 05: Access your friends list & tap Three-horizontal dots available at right side of the profile of your friend whom you want to unfriend.

5 Edit Friend Lists on Facebook
Tap Three-horizontal dots

Step 05: Tap Unfriend(friend’s name).

6 Edit Friend Lists on Facebook
Tap Unfriend

2. For IOS Users

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The article has explored a successful procedure about “Edit Friend Lists on Facebook”. Steps are covered in a sequence to make it easy for all types of users. Well-organized friend lists are necessary to maintain a suitable digital environment. Users can easily manage their friend lists according to their requirements by following the steps mentioned above. It will surely prove helpful for you & will also enhance your technical or digital knowledge. If you are seeking more informative content to add to your skills then you can visit other articles.

How do I make my friends list private on Facebook?

01: On Facebook, tap on the top right corner.
02: Tap Settings.
03: After selecting Privacy, press Privacy Settings.
04: Tap Who may view your list of friends? How People Can Contact You is described below.
05: Choose the audience you want to have access to your friends list (for example, Friends).

How can I control what friends see on Facebook?

On Facebook, tap on the top right corner. Click Settings after swiping down. You may alter the privacy settings for an option by tapping it once you scroll down to the Audience and Visibility section. Before sharing anything else on Facebook, you may choose the audience.

What happens when you restrict a friend on Facebook?

You may keep your friendship with someone after adding them to the Facebook restricted list while restricting the postings they can see. Only if you’ve set the audience to Public shown by the globe icon if you tag them in the post, or if a friend of yours tags both of you, will they see your postings. You can also edit friend lists on Facebook by following the process mention above.

How do you know if someone has you on restricted?

If you leave a comment on someone’s post and the only person who can see it is you, you probably have some restrictions. If you are limited and the person in question and you both have Activity Status enabled, you won’t be able to see when they are active.

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