How to earn money on WhatsApp

There are some methods to earn money on WhatsApp .WhatsApp does not allow ads or commercial transactions, even taking advantage of its unique form, and there are many ways to get small money there. If you are finding a solution for how to earn money on WhatsApp this article is for you. You just have to read the whole article & the following are some ways you can see this article 


  1. Mobile or iPhone of any company
  2. Mobile or Smartphone having installed android or IOS operating system.
  3. Your mobile device should be able to connect to the internet
  4. User should have a WhatsApp account 

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Methods to earn money on WhatsApp

Method #1

1:Visit URL shortening websites (like shorte. st), register, or sign in with Facebook.

2:  Get the URL of any article or website you want to share with WhatsApp contacts.  The website address should be copied, then choose “Shorten URL”.

3:  Next, copy the shortened URL.

  Share this link with as many of your WhatsApp contacts as possible.

4: The more people click on the link and read the content, the more money you will earn.


Affiliated marketing ( selling products) to earn money on WhatsApp

Affiliate marketing is a platform for a business to promote a product.  For example, one of the top affiliate marketing platforms is Amazon.  In affiliate marketing, you may be able to earn a commission based on what you sell.  The product you want to promote must be selected.  Get your affiliate URL after selecting one, then start promoting it on WhatsApp by sending the link to your contacts and related groups.  Apart from Amazon, other well-known websites provide affiliate marketing strategies.

Method #3

Using PPD network of earn money on WhatsApp

According to the PPD (Pay Per Download) network rules, you will be paid if users download your uploaded files.  You may, for instance, visit or another Similar website. Because of its huge payments and simple sign-up process, Open load is among the finest PPD websites in the entire world.  Here you have to upload all the movies, photos, songs, and other interesting videos, and share the link with your WhatsApp contact, Facebook, etc.  When your uploaded files are downloaded from the link, you get paid for it.For each download, you get a certain amount, but the amount may vary according to the download capacity.


Method #4

 Promoting applications (apps).

  This choice is unique in its own right because you can get certain free items instead of money, such as free recharges and pays currency. For a quick recharge, you can earn other apps like task books, talk time—Ludo, etc.  So if you want free recharge, you must share a referral link with your WhatsApp contact.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Complete process to earn money on WhatsApp has been discussed. Surely it will provide you with the solution to your query. If you are required to have more information then read more articles.

How can I get 35 RS on WhatsApp?

About. When you give money to friends or family on WhatsApp, you will now receive Rs. 35. Cashback credits can be used up to three times by sending money to three separate contacts.

How does WhatsApp money work?

A WhatsApp Pay user must start a payment to a contact to use the service. The user can set up their UPI account on WhatsApp once the request is received. Users can then send and receive money on WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp Pay is as simple as sending photos and videos on the app

Will WhatsApp be compensated?

Despite being free to use and having no adverts, Whatsapp makes millions of dollars annually. One of the most popular messaging apps is WhatsApp. More than two billion people utilise it worldwide in 180 different nations.

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