How to Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me

WhatsApp provides easy & fast communication, but sometimes it may cause a problem when user send a message that he/she didn’t want to send actually. So, in such situation WhatsApp provides the feature to Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me. This action can make a user relax.

Sometimes user chats with friends & family members, it’s possible that user sent a message to a contact that actually doesn’t want to sent. So, in this situation user can delete WhtsApp messages for everyone or to delete for me for him/her self. In other situation user use delete for me option but wants to restore & delete it again.

To cope up with the situation given above when user has delete WhatsApp message by using the feature delete for me, there still a pop-up notification will appear to undo your action about this message. So, user have the option either to undo action or to Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me. If you are facing such a situation & confuse about How to Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me then this article is the best solution for you. Read the complete article to get appropriate results. If you miss a step you may not be able to get successful results.

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  • Any company’s Mobile or iPhone
  • Android or IOS operating systems
  • User must have an active WhatsApp Account
  • User should have Internet Connection

Steps to Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users
1. For Android Users

Point to be noted: Before performing the process keep in mind that undo pop-up notification will just appear for a second. User have to touch it immediately. If user don’t so then there is no way to delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me.

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp & tap to open it for further use.

Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: Select any contact’s chat & click to open it.

IMG 20230214 065819
Select Chat

Step 3: Chat has opened. Now Long press a message it will be selected and the same time note that a Delete icon has occurred at upper right corner of the interface.

IMG 20230214 070053
Select & tap Delete icon

Step 4: Three choices will be shown. Tap Delete for me. You will see the message has been deleted and at the same time a pop-up notification have appeared.

IMG 20230214 070156 1
Tap Delete for me

Step 5: Note the Undo option that will appear at the bottom of screen. Tap it to undo your activity.

IMG 20230214 165207

Step 6: Message has been appeared again now User can Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me.

IMG 20230214 165405
Message has restored

Step 7: Delete the same message again that was deleted by the use of Delete for me option.

IMG 20230214 171017
Again Delete message

Step 8: Selected message has been deleted.

IMG 20230214 171108
Message has Deleted
2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon

Article has covered the successful process to Delete WhatsApp Message after Delete for me. By following the instructions given above user can easily delete a message from chat surface or even can delete after Delete for me. Hopefully this process will prove the best solution of your problem & also adds to your knowledge. If you are interested to get more Informative material visit more articles.

Can I delete for everyone after Delete for me?

An Undo option will be shown at the bottom of the screen, if you choose “Delete for me”. If you want to see the message once more, click Undo. You can then choose Delete for everyone after that. This will delete your message from receiver’s account.

Why does it’s recommend to Delete for me instead of Delete for everyone?

Users sometimes may find themselves in a position where they unintentionally select the “Delete for Me” option rather than to select the “Delete for Everyone” button to remove an error message. By giving them a brief window to go back and take the opposite action, the new functionality intends to assist users in overcoming those circumstances.

What happens if User use “Delete for me” ?

With this new version of WhatsApp a notice will pop-up asking you if you want to cancel the action when someone accidentally selects the “delete for me” option in a WhatsApp discussion. Next to the notification that a communication has been deleted, this message will show up at the bottom. The function operates in both one-on-one and group chats.

Why the messages are not deleted for everyone?

Only sent messages can be deleted using the function “Delete for everyone.” You can only send messages that you have already sent; you cannot send messages on someone else’s behalf. For instance, you cannot use the Delete for everyone tool to remove a message that has been inappropriately sent to you as a group administrator.

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