Can I Delete Whatsapp Data Files

Delete WhatsApp data files is an easy and simple technique. WhatsApp application is used for data sharing and for contacting colleagues, fellows and family. People can share all types of data in the form of documents, pictures, videos, and audio. As a result, so many junk files are accumulating on your phone if you are worried about how to delete WhatsApp data files, Which are completely unnecessary to you.

In this article, we will guide you on how to delete WhatsApp data files from your phone. Read the whole article for a better understanding. To delete data files you have to open Google files from your application list. Then go to the WhatsApp folder and open the document folder from there. From here you can delete data files.


  1. Install whatsapp from the play store
  2. Active Internet connection
  3. Relevant SIM card

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Methods To Delete Whatsapp Data Files From Android

  1. From Android
  2. From IOS

There are two ways to delete files from the android

  1. From Phone Storage
  2. From WhatsApp Application

Delete WhatsApp data files from the Android

To delete WhatsApp data files you have to follow these steps one by one. By following these steps you can delete WhatsApp data files.

  1. Open Google files from applications of the phone

2. Open the documents from the files

2 Delete Whatsapp Data Files
Click on the documents

3. Select whatsapp document from the folders

3 Delete Whatsapp Data Files
Tap on whatsapp documents

4. Click to select desire file to delete. If you want to delete all files select all files and tap on delete.

4 Delete Whatsapp Data Files
To select all files click on three dots

By following these steps you can delete junk data files from your phone. You can delete directly from chats too. To delete from chats long press the document, it will be selected and will show you a blue color. Tap on the basket to show the upside of the whatsapp application. Tap on it you can delete it directly.

From IOS

To get rid from the whatsapp data files, First of all go to the settings of the whatsapp

5 Delete Whatsapp Data Files

Then Tap on chats

6 Delete Whatsapp Data Files

Then click on “delete all chats”

By confirming your number you can delete chats after deleting chats you will be able tp delete all junk files

After deleting all chats you will lose all received or sent data

Delete whatsapp data files from the whatsapp application

To delete whatsapp data file from whatsapp application follow these steps

Open the selected conversation from which you want to delete data file. Then click on the person/group name

Then click on the docs and files

select the file you want to delete

You have to follow these steps to delete whatsapp data files from the whatsapp application and from phone storage. If you want to delete whatsapp documents then you have to go to Google Files then click on the documents after that open the whatsapp documents folder and then delete the selected data files.

How to Delete All Media on WhatsApp | How to delete media files in whatsapp

The whole procedure of Delete Whatsapp Data Files has been discussed.  Surely it will prove very helpful for you. By following the instructions mentioned above in the article a user even if he/she does not know much about technology can easily know about Delete Whatsapp Data Files. Hope so it will add to your knowledge. If you are interested in getting more Informative material you can visit more articles.

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What happens if I delete WhatsApp data files?

If you delete an item, it is removed from your WhatsApp media. Deleted things may still exist on your device. If you have numerous copies of an object, you must remove all copies to free up space.

Which WhatsApp files can I delete?

You may also remove specific things by searching for them.
1. Tap Search on the CHATS tab.
2. Choose from Photos, Videos, or Documents.
3. Tap the object you wish to get rid of.
4. Select More > Delete.
5. Select DELETE.

How do I clean up my WhatsApp files?

To delete WhatsApp media files 
1. Open Files by Google on your Android smartphone.
2. Tap Clean at the bottom.
3. Tap Select files on the “Delete WhatsApp media” card.
4. Choose the files to be deleted.
5. Tap Delete at the bottom.
6. Tap Delete on the confirmation dialogue.

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