How to Delete TikTok Draft

It’s pretty easy to Delete TikTok Draft. Users may delete drafts if they are not satisfied with the overall quality of the content. This could include video/audio clarity issues, lighting, editing, or the general concept. users might change their minds about the content they want to post. They may have initially thought a particular video was funny or interesting, but upon reviewing it later, they might feel it could be more engaging and entertaining.

Users can easily delete TikTok drafts by following some steps. This article will cover a complete process to Delete TikTok Draft . Read the whole article and follow its steps.


  1. Mobile of any company 
  2. Mobile or Smartphone having installed Android or IOS operating system.
  3. Your mobile device should be able to connect to the internet
  4. User should have tik tok account

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How do I Delete TikTok drafts without posting them?

Method to Delete TikTok Draft

1:For android users

2:For iOS users

Step to Delete TikTok Draft

For Android users 

Step 1: Tap on the tiktok application

How to Delete TikTok Draft
Open TikTok

Step 2: Tap on the profile to Delete TikTok Draft

How to Delete TikTok Draft
Tap on profile

Step 3: Click on the draft video to Delete TikTok Draft

How to Delete TikTok Draft
Click on draft video

Step 4: Click on Select

How to Delete TikTok Draft
Click on select

Step 5: Tap on the draft video for a second

How to Delete TikTok Draft
Tap for a second

Step 6: Tap on the delete option 

How to Delete TikTok Draft
Tap on delete

For iOS users

Coming soon.

Video guide

How to Delete TikTok Draft | Simple Guide 2023

I hope this article will be helpful for you  Complete process of Delete TikTok Draft has been discussed. Surely it will provide you with the solution to your query. If you are required to have more information about TikTok then read more articles from Solutiondraft.

Why are TikTok draughts unable to be deleted?

This is due to the fact that TikTok draught videos aren’t kept in the app’s memory, but rather in the phone’s memory as “data,” which is destroyed anytime an app is installed or deleted.

Your draughts are cleared if you delete TikTok.

You can only see draught videos before they are published. Draughts may have been deleted for the following reasons even if they are only locally stored: 1. A gadget has had TikTok reinstalled after being uninstalled.

TikTok draughts last how long?

A draught on the draughts page can be permanently deleted with just a few clicks. It is best to proceed in your draughts folder cautiously because there isn’t some trash bin where it sits for 30 days before being permanently removed.

Can all TikTok draughts be deleted at once?

Tap the “Select all” button in the top left corner to eliminate all of your draughts at once. Select the draughts you wish to remove, then hit the “Delete” button at the bottom of the screen to remove only a few videos.08-Mar-2023

Why are draughts being deleted by everyone on TikTok?

This indicates that they are subject to the same restrictions as any other media that is solely stored on the device. The draughts would have been erased, for instance, if the TikTok app had been uninstalled, then reinstalled with all app data purged in the process.

Are erased draughts retrievable?

Therefore, keep an eye out for the “Undo Discard” message from Gmail if you unintentionally removed a valuable email from your account. To undo your actions, simply click the “Undo” option, and Gmail will keep your deleted spam email. The article How to recover old emails in Outlook may also be of interest to you.

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