How to Delete Post in WhatsApp Group by Admin

Groups provide the platform to share information, discuss informative topics & plan events with multiple contacts at the same time. The administration has the authority to post in groups. There is also a facility to Delete Post in WhatsApp Group by admin.

No doubt WhatsApp groups are one of the really amazing features of WhatsApp. But, sometimes a post in group may cause to disturb the other members of the group. So it’s the duty of admin to maintain a group as a safe & secure place for everyone. WhatsApp empowers administration to Delete problematic post by other members.

If you are an admin of a WhatsApp group, having such situation mentioned above & thinking about How to Delete Post in WhatsApp Group by admin then this article is best solution for you. You just have to read the whole article to get the required results.

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  • Mobile or iPhone of any company as per user’s requirements
  • Android or IOS operating systems should be Installed & in proper working condition
  • User should have an active WhatsApp Account
  • User should have an Internet Connection

Steps to Delete Post in WhatsApp Group by Admin

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp in your phone & tap to open it.

Delete Post in WhatsApp Group
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: Select & tap a group from where you are going to Delete Post as an Admin.

IMG 20230224 151336
Select a Group

Step 3: Group chat will be open. Now, long press a post & note that the post is selected.

IMG 20230224 151553
Long press a post

Step 4: When you select a post, a Delete icon appears at the upper right corner of the interface. Tap that Delete Icon.

IMG 20230224 151640
Tap Delete

Step 5: Again tap Delete to confirm deletion process.

IMG 20230224 151950
Tap Delete for me

Step 6: Note that particular post selected by the admin has been deleted from WhatsApp Group.

IMG 20230224 152055
Post has Deleted

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon…

Successful procedure about How to Delete Post in WhatsApp Group by Admin has been completed & hopefully it’s going to be the best solution of your query. This will prove best for the group admins that wants to maintain & organize their WhatsApp Group. If you are interested to get more Informative data visit more articles.

What can admin do on WhatsApp?

A messaging app called WhatsApp has more than 1 billion registered users. Admin can have control over the app’s settings and features, including who is able to send and receive texts and view contact information. Additionally, you can report or block users who break WhatsApp’s conditions of service.

Can a Group admin Delete Post in WhatsApp Group or any message?

In the most recent beta, WhatsApp group administrators can delete any message for everyone. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has released a new group chat tool to iOS beta users that allows group administrators to delete messages from other members. By using this process an admin can Delete Post in WhatsApp Group.

Can admin Delete WhatsApp message for everyone after time limit?

Users of WhatsApp have two days and twelve hours in which to delete their communications. Users have the option of deleting a communication only for themselves or for all recipients. One can delete particular messages they have sent to an individual or group chat by selecting the “Delete messages for everyone” option.

If I am an Admin, how can I Delete Other’s message from group?

You have the authority to delete inappropriate or troublesome chat messages sent by other users as a group manager. Go to the WhatsApp chat where the communication you want to delete is located. Tap the letter and hold it. To delete numerous messages at once, you can optionally select more messages.

How can I Delete a message for everyone?

Long-press to select the chat or group where the communication was sent after opening it. Then select the “delete for everyone” choice from the delete menu.

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