How Can I Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite

Sometimes users find themselves uncomfortable with social there Facebook accounts and take a discussion to delete instantly due to privacy and other concerns. When users try to delete Facebook one problem that they face is that they try to Delete their Facebook Account From the FB Lite version and don’t know how to Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite.

In this article, we will explain to you the complete process of Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite. So, if you are having a problem Delete Your Facebook Account From FB Lite then this article is for you. So, please read the whole article and follow its steps for a better understanding of your query.

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  • The user needs an Android or IOS device.
  • The user must have an Active account on Facebook.
  • The user needs a strong internet connection to perform this process.

Methods To Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite

We provide two methods for this purpose

  1. Android users 
  2. IOS users

Steps To Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite For Andriod Users

Step 1: ToDelete My Facebook Account From FB Lite the first step is to open FB lite App.

Step 2: Now Tap on Three Lines

Step 3: Tap o Settings Option.

Step 4: Tap on Personal and account Information.

Step 5: Account Ownarship and control

Step 6: Now Taap on Deactivation and deletion

Step 7: Continue Account Deletion

Step 8: Tap on Delete Account.

Step 9: enter Password and continue.

Step 10: Confirm To Delete Account.

Steps To Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite For IOS Users

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The whole procedure to Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite has been discussed.  Surely it will prove very helpful for you. By following the instructions mentioned above in the article a user even if he/she does not know much about technology can easily know to Delete My Facebook Account From FB Lite. Hope so it will add to your knowledge. If you are interested to get more Informative material you can visit more articles.

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On Android, how can I remove my Facebook account?

Open the Facebook app on your Android device to deactivate your account. Select Settings by tapping the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen. The Account Settings option may then be selected by scrolling down. Finally, select the Delete Account option by scrolling down.

Why is Facebook not deleting from my phone?

You might not be able to remove Facebook from your phone for a few different reasons. You might not be the phone’s administrator, for example. Another option is that Facebook is set up on your phone as a system programme, making it impossible to remove without rooting the device.

How can I tell if Facebook has been deleted?

If your Facebook account has been erased, there is no surefire method to find out. There are, however, a few things you may try to learn. To start, examine if your profile is still displayed as active in your account settings. Your account has not been deleted if it is. You may also try using Google or another search engine to look for your name. Your account has probably been deactivated if your profile does not show up in the search results.

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