How do I delete hangouts data

Google Hangout is a simple tool for flexible live video and voice communication with others. By using this application, you can expand your business.

If you want to delete Hangouts data then You’ve come to the right place if you want to delete hangout data. Here, you see the finest instructions for deleting the Hangouts account’s data. Delete hangouts data is an easy process we discuss it in detail.

It is quite simple to delete hangouts data. We provide you with a simple and easy guide to deleting hangouts data. You can easily solve your problem by deleting hangouts data.

Methods to delete hangouts data

You see the methods to delete hangouts data on the desktop.

For Desktop user

Step 1: Open the Hangouts app and sign in if you want to remove your data or convert any contact.

1 delete hangouts data
Tap Hangouts

Step 2: Find the contact that you want to delete the conversation on the left navigation pan.

2 delete hangouts data
Find a Contact

Step 3: In this step click on the three-dotted lines and a dropdown menu appears that shows different options.

3 delete hangouts data
Tap three-vertical dots

Step 4: In this menu click on the delete conversion option to delete the history of the contact.

4 delete hangouts data
Tap Delete Conversations

Step 5: After clicking on the delete conversation option you see on the screen a confirmation option that are you sure you want to delete the conversation or not. you select the delete option if you want to delete otherwise click on cancel.

5 delete hangouts data
Tap Delete

After following these steps you will be able to delete the data or conversation of any contact that you want. We added a video to clarify the process of deleting the data of your hangouts. After watching this video you will clear all the queries related to the deletion of the hangout data.

You see the video guidance to make more clear of your work.

I hope this article is helpful for you if you want to remove your Hangouts account then visit the next blog.

Can I clear data on Hangouts?

Yes, you can clear your Hangouts data. To do this, launch the Hangouts app and select Settings from the Menu. To remove data, scroll down and tap it. To affirm, tap OK.

How do you delete history on the Hangouts app?

To remove your Hangouts history on Android:
1. Activate the Hangouts app.
2. Toggle to Menu > Settings.
3. Select Delete history.
4. Press Delete.

How long do messages stay on Hangouts?

Hangouts communications are retained until they are removed.

How do I delete pictures from Hangouts?

Open the Hangouts app and navigate to the conversation that contains the photos to delete them. To delete a photo, tap on it and select the delete option.

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