How to delete a hangouts account permanently

Google hangouts account is an excellent platform for friends and family to gather in a digital group, as well as for businesses to hold virtual meetings.

To delete hangouts account permanently, there could be some reasons for it. if you don’t need to utilize a hangouts account but continue to receive requests, it may simply be annoying. Sudden chat windows and phone calls may quickly disrupt your workflow and clutter up your screen. You cannot delete a hangouts account permanently, but there are many other ways by which you can get rid from hangouts.

So, if you never use Google Hangouts, why not simply uninstall it? Unfortunately, deleting a Hangouts account is not as simple as you may think. If you want to delete hangouts account permanently, this article will demonstrate it. To delete hangouts account permanently, you must first cancel your Google account; Hangouts is directly tied to your primary Google account.

If you don’t want to do this, there are a couple more ways to make your Hangouts account less annoying. Here’s all you need to know whether you’re using Google Hangouts on a Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android device.

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How to turn off Google Hangouts account alerts Instead of delete Hangouts account permanently on Android

You cannot delete your Hangouts account permanently unless you also delete your Google account. Because Hangouts is integrated with your Google account, the only way to remove it is to delete your Google account completely. Only this way you can delete the hangouts account permanently.

On Hangouts, you may limit how others contact you, effectively disabling it so you won’t be disturbed.

Go to the hangouts app on your mobile phone and then follow these instructions.

1. Open a menu by clicking the three bars at the top-left, then select “Settings.”

2. Then click on “Settings”

3. Then turn off the “Mobile Notification”

3. How to delete hangouts account permanently
Step 3: Turn off notification
How to delete hangouts account

Turn off alerts on Desktop

If you don’t want to delete hangouts account permanently, you may adjust your Hangouts settings to prevent anyone from contacting you. You may also remove the Google Hangouts mobile app so that no data from it remains on your phone.

Click on the “settings” and then turn off the notification as it is shown in the picture, Uncheck the box for turning off the alerts

People who know your information can still invite you to a hangout, but no one can contact you directly. When this happens, you may receive an email, which you may quickly delete

You have to delete your google account to get rid from hangouts app. or you can simply turn off the notification from the app. Turning off Hangouts notifications in your Settings app to reduce Hangouts’ incursions on your phone. Better still, simply uninstall the Hangouts app. If you want to know more about the hangout you can read this article for more. Leave your valuable feedback in comments.

How to delete hangouts messages on phone

How do I delete hangouts account permanently from Gmail?

You can’t uninstall Google Hangouts without also uninstalling Google. Because Hangouts is integrated into your Google account, the only way to remove it is to delete your Google account entirely.

How do I permanently delete Hangouts?

You cannot delete hangouts account permanently, unless you are deleting your Gmail or uninstall the app
uninstall Hangouts app
1. Remove the Hangouts app.
2. Locate the Hangouts app.
3. Hold down the Hangouts icon.
4. Tap Remove in the top left corner of the icon.

Can I delete Hangouts from my Android?

You can uninstall the Hangouts app and replace it with another messaging app. Important: The classic Hangouts app is no longer available for download. You cannot reinstall the classic Hangouts app on your Android device if you delete or instal it. Switch to the Google Chat app to continue your conversations.

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