How to Delete Archives on Facebook

Facebook Archives feature makes users able to save short, long videos & image posts that will only be visible to them. Users can easily save & Delete Archives on Facebook as & when required. Users upload content according to their preferences. But there can be a situation when a user wants to make the uploaded data invisible from others & just want to save it for them. In such cases, they can archive the content that can just be visible to them. But the large number of archived posts can cause irritation. Later on, users may find it tough to find the required content. The post is mainly going to discuss the deletion of archives from Facebook.

Users can delete archives on Facebook due to different reasons. Users can delete an archive post that has been duplicated. Users may have to delete the archives that are archived accidentally & users didn’t want to save them actually. Users can also delete archive content that is no longer interesting for the users. So to cope with all these situations Facebook facilitates its users to delete the delete archives on Facebook as & when required.

This post will cover a process that will make users able to delete archives on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user who wants to delete archives on Facebook but looking for an authentic way & guidelines then this article can be the best point for you. You just have to read the whole article & follow the all steps to get the required results.

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  • Users should have any company’s mobile or iPhone
  • The device should have an active version of Android or IOS operating systems
  • Internet service should be available
  • Users should have an active Facebook account

Steps to Delete Archives on Facebook

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

The Post will cover two methods one for deleting Story Archives & second for the deletion of archive posts.

Method # 01: To Delete Story Archive

Step 01: Tap & open Facebook.

Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Facebook

Step 02: Tap the Profile Icon available at the upper left corner of the interface.

2 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Profile Icon

Step 03: Next tap the three-horizontal dots available on the right side of the interface.

3 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Three-horizontal dots

Step 04: A list of options will appear. Tap Archive from them.

4 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Archive

Step 05: Next tap on Story Archive available on the upper right side.

05 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Story Archive

Step 06: Select a story that you want to delete from the archive list.

5 Delete Archives on Facebook
Select a Story

Step 07: Tap Three-horizontal dots available at the upper right corner of the interface.

6 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Three-horizontal dots

Step 08: A pop-up containing options will appear. Select Delete photo from them.

7 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Delete Photo

Step 09: Tap Delete again to verify the process of deletion.

8 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Delete

Step 10: You can delete all story archives by following the same procedure.

IMG 20230716 155459
Story Archive has been deleted

Method # 02: Delete Archive Posts

Step 01: Open Facebook> Profile Icon> Three-horizontal dots> Archive. You will see archived posts available there. Tap Three-horizontal dots available on the right side of the archived post.

11 Delete Archives on Facebook
Tap Three-horizontal dots

Step 02: A pop-up having three options will appear. Select Move to trash from them.

12 Delete Archives on Facebook 1
Tap Move to Trash

Step 03: Again tap MOVE TO TRASH to confirm the deletion process.

13 Delete Archives on Facebook

Step 04: All archives have been deleted.

14 Delete Archives on Facebook
All archive posts have been deleted.

2. For IOS Users

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The article has explored a successful procedure about “Delete Archives on Facebook”. Steps are covered in a sequence to make it easy for all types of users. Proper management of saved items is necessary to maintain a suitable digital environment. Users can easily delete multiple archives on Facebook by following the steps mentioned above. It will surely prove helpful for you & will also enhance your technical or digital knowledge. If you are eager to get more informative content to add to your skills then you can visit other articles.

Can users delete all archived chats on Facebook?

This is located on the left side of the screen above your list of messages. By selecting More will bring up a drop down menu. Select Archived from the menu. By doing this, you may access your archived messages folder and erase any old messages there.

Is a blocked person still be able to see past conversations?

Both you and the person you’ve blocked on Facebook or Messenger would not be able to see each other’s actions or exchange messages. Old conversations will still be available in your inbox, but the person’s name won’t be clickable. To learn more about blocking, visit the Help Centre to understand what Blocking, what is it?

Can someone read my messages if they blocked me?

According to Lavelle, if an Android user has blocked you, your text messages will go through as usual. They just won’t be delivered to the Android user. Similar to an iPhone, but without a delivered notification to let you know when anything has been delivered.

Why do people block you?

Sometimes people will block you just because they don’t want to talk to you anymore. Over time, people’s goals and interests might shift, and they can discover that they are no longer connected to you. Alternately, they could have just met someone new and want to concentrate on them.

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