How To Delete All Media In Whatsapp Group iPhone

Before solving the query on “how to delete all media in Whatsapp group iPhone”. We first discussed the WhatsApp group. The WhatsApp app allows us to create a group of people to share information at once to many. You can create a WhatsApp group of your own choice to benefit from this feature. WhatsApp provides the facility to send photos and videos in a WhatsApp group and sometimes we want to delete all kinds of media from a WhatsApp group.

If you want to delete all media in Whatsapp group iPhone then you are on the right place.  Here you see the step-by-step guideline to delete all media in WhatsApp group iPhone. Now we discuss how to do so below.


  1. You must have an Android phone. 
  2. A strong internet connection is also required to perform this task. 
  3. You must have WhatsApp installed on your device and have an account on it. 
  4. You should be added to a Whatsapp Group then you can Delete media in the Whatsapp group.

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Steps To Delete All Media In Whatsapp Group iPhone

Step 1: To delete all media in whatsapp group iPhone first step is to open Whatapp app. 

Step 2: When you open Whatsapp app the second step is to open Whatsapp settings.

Step 3: When you open settings now the third step is to storage and data.

Step 4: When you tap on Storage data now the fourth step is to tap on manage storage. 

Step 5: When you open manage storage now here you will all your Whatsapp chats.  have to tap on the group which media you want to delete.

Step 6: When you open that group now you can select media by tapping on select.

Step 7: When selecting the media that you want to delete now you can simply tap on Delete all media in whatsapp group iPhone

I hope this article is helpful for you if you want to To Delete All Media In Whatsapp Group iPhone. You see step-by-step guidelines to Delete All Media In Whatsapp Group iPhone and it’s now easy for you to do it. If you want to get more information regarding other problems with WhatsApp then follow the following links.

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How can I choose every picture in a WhatsApp group?

Open the group chat for the WhatsApp group you want to choose all the photos from, then touch the three dots in the top right corner. Choose “More” and then “Photos” from the menu that appears. The group’s images will all be visible. Simply hit the checkmark at the top of the screen to select them all.

Why does my iPhone’s WhatsApp keep freezing?

There could be a number of causes for WhatsApp on your iPhone to freeze. You may have too many texts on your phone, for example. Try clearing out some of the chat history’s messages to fix this. A software issue with your phone is yet another possibility. Try updating the software on your iPhone to fix this. It’s likely that there is an issue with your WhatsApp account if neither of these fixes works.

What does WhatsApp’s “all media” feature mean?

“All media” on WhatsApp refers to each and every image, video, and audio file shared or received. This applies to files shared using the app’s built-in media player as well as files submitted as attachments.

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