How to Delete all Activities on TikTok

It is possible to Delete all Activities on TikTok. Users can delete their TikTok activity for various reasons, including privacy, a fresh start, aligning with new interests, avoiding unwanted attention, and removing undesirable information. It’s important to note that deleting all activities on TikTok is a personal choice, and the reasons may vary from user to user. TikTok provides the option to delete activities to give users control over their own data and online presence. If you are finding the solution to Delete all Activities on TikTok, please read the whole article and follow its steps.


  1. Mobile of any company 
  2. Mobile or Smartphone having installed Android or IOS operating system.
  3. Your mobile device should be able to connect to the internet
  4. User should have TikTok account

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Methods to Delete all Activities on TikTok

  1. For android user
  2. For iOS users

Step to Delete all Activities on TikTok

For Android users

Step 1: Open the tiktok application

How to Delete all Activities on TikTok
Tap on TikTok Application

Step 2: Tap on the inbox to Delete all Activities on TikTok

How to Delete all Activities on TikTok
Tap on inbox

Step 3: Click on activities to Delete all Activities on TikTok

How to Delete all Activities on TikTok
Tap in activities

Step 4: Press for a second to Delete all Activities on TikTok

How to Delete all Activities on TikTok
Delete all activities

For iOS users

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 Video guide Delete all Activities on TikTok

How to delete all activities on TikTok | Simple Guide 2023

All the steps to Delete all Activities on TikTok have been discussed. You must have found the solution to your query and if you want more information about TikTok then read more articles 

Is there a TikTok activity log?

For up to two days, TikTok shows activity status. If a person’s last activity was more than two days ago, no status is shown.

How long is your history stored on TikTok?

nearly seven days
About seven days’ worth of watch history is saved on your TikTok history page. From this screen, you can also disable or delete your TikTok history.

Does TikTok’s cache-clearing process remove history?

Actually, it’s unlikely that you will miss your TikTok cache all that much. On one video-sharing website, clearing your cache simply entails deleting temporary data that occupies space on your smartphone. Just your viewing history and pre-loaded profile details are included in the cached data.

Can TikTok see your past web searches?

TikTok collects data on users’ IP addresses, web surfing patterns, and search history, while various privacy settings may limit the amount of data that is recorded.

What happens if I delete everything from TikTok?

You delete any temporary data from your device when you clear the cache on TikTok. This may include previous account visits, searches, or watch history. If you’re out of storage on your mobile device, this will free up space without deleting your movies or changing how you normally use TikTok.

How do I erase the history of my watch?

Delete both your watch history and search history if you wish to delete your YouTube history in bulk. On your Android smartphone, open the YouTube mobile app and tap the profile image in the top-right corner. Select Settings. Decide to Manage all history.

How do I control the history of my TikTok watch?

Open your TikTok profile, touch the menu button, then select Settings & Privacy > Watch History to access your watch history. In the Watch past page, tap and hold the videos you want to remove from the past, then select “Delete.”

Where is the TikTok content activity?

In the top right corner, click the Settings and Privacy tab. Select the Creator Tools tab from Account. After that, choose Analytics.

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