How do I Delete a Group I Created on WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides the facility to create or Delete a Group. A WhatsApp group(if you are unfamiliar) functions similarly to a chat room. All communications sent to the group are visible to all group members, and participants in the group can interact with one another. When you need to share the same information with numerous people, the capability is helpful. A person can create family, friends or other useful groups. But there can be a situation when you don’t need a group then WhatsApp provides the facility to Delete a Group. If you are locating the solution of how you can Delete a Group created by you then must read the complete article & follow the complete procedure

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  • Any compny’s mobile.
  • Mobile or Smart phone having android or IOS operating system & in a proper working position.
  • User should have an active WhatsApp account.
  • User must have Internet connection.

Steps to Delete a Group

Step 1: Tap WhatsApp to open it for use.

Delete a Group I Created
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: Select a group you wants to delete & open group chats.

IMG 20230126 205211 edited
Select a group

Step 3: Tap on Group subject.

IMG 20230126 205354
Tap Group subject

Step 4: You will see such an interface. Where your group details will be available & & the participants of the group. Scroll down this interface untill you see the list of participants.

Screenshot 2023 01 26 20 15 21 21
Search member list

Step 5: When you scroll down, participants list will show.

Screenshot 2023 01 26 20 15 35 67
Note member list

Step 6: Long press a member info, a drop down list of options will be shown. Select remove abc(member name that you had saved in your android ) member.

IMG 20230126 205522
Remove a Group members

Step 7: Remove all group members one by one using the same procedure given above. When you the only admin is exist. Tape Exit group.

IMG 20230126 205658
Tap Exit Group

Step 8: Conform you wants to exit group & tap Exit.

IMG 20230126 205732
Tap Exit

Step 9: When you tap Exit Delete a Group option will show because no more members exist in the group. Tap Delete group.

IMG 20230126 205802
Tap Delete Group

Step 10: A group has been deleted from WhatsApp.

Screenshot 2023 01 26 20 20 54 24 1 edited
Note that Group doesn’t exist

Process to Delete a Group has been completed. This easy & understandable guide will prove the best solution of your problem. If you want more information you can read more article.

Can an admin Delete a Group post?

In the most recent beta, WhatsApp group administrators can delete any message for everyone. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has released a new group chat feature to iOS beta users that allows group administrators to erase messages from other members.

How do I Delete a Group without exiting it?

Open the WhatsApp chat group you want to delete in. To access the chat group information, tap the menu bar at the top of the screen. Find a participant’s name by scrolling through the list of participants and tapping on it. Tap “Delete” on the pop-up message that will show on the screen.

What happens if admin leaves the group?

Recall that you will be kicked out of a WhatsApp group if you leave one. You may view the history of the chats and still see the group on your Chats page. Remember that if you are the only group admin and you leave a group, a participant will be selected at random to replace you as the admin.

How can I Delete a Group of WhatsApp I’d admin has left?

Tap the group subject after opening the WhatsApp group discussion. As an alternative, long-press the group under the CHATS tab. Click EXIT > Exit group. You have the choice to remove a group after leaving it.

How can I delete a WhatsApp group without admin permission?

We regret to notify you that it is not feasible to entirely erase the group from everyone’s device if you are not the admin of the group. Without admin’s consent, you cannot permanently delete the group. The admin alone has the authority to do so.

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