How to deactivate QR code in WhatsApp

There is no specific way to deactivate QR codes in WhatsApp, but you can disable the feature in your account settings. The WhatsApp QR Code is intended for close relatives and friends, not complete strangers. Because of this, WhatsApp now offers the option to remove the QR code whenever you think someone else might have access to it.

Your QR code will be replaced with a new one if you reset it.  This implies that individuals who had the prior one were no longer able to use it. If you want the solution about QR code deactivation then this article is for you. Please read the whole article and follow its steps.


  • iPhone or Mobile
  • Mobile or Smartphone having installed Android or IOS operating system.
  • Your mobile device should be able to connect to the internet
  • The user should have a WhatsApp account 

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Methods to deactivate QR code in Whatsapp

  • For Android users 
  • For iOS users

Steps to deactivate QR code in Whatsapp

1: For Android users

Step 1: Open your Whatsapp application

deactivate QR code in WhatsApp
How to deactivate QR code in WhatsApp | Amazing Guide 2023

Step 2: Click on three dots

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Step 2: Click three dots

Step 3: Tap on settings

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Step 3: Click the Setting

Step 4: Click on the Qr code

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Step 4: Click the QR Code

Step 5: Click on three dots in the upper right corner

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Step 5: Click three dots

Step 6:Tap on the reset QR code option

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Step 6: Tap Reset QR Code

Step 7: Then click on reset

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Step 7: Tap Reset
How to deactivate QR code in WhatsApp | Amazing Guide 2023

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon

The complete process to deactivate the QR code in WhatsApp has been discussed. Surely it will provide you with the solution to your query. If you are required to have more information then read more articles.

What happens if someone scans my WhatsApp QR code?

Your friends and family can add you as a contact on WhatsApp by scanning your WhatsApp QR code. Your QR code won’t expire unless you reset it or delete your WhatsApp account. Only share your WhatsApp QR code with trusted individuals.

What will happen if I reset my WhatsApp QR code?

If you reset your QR code, your previous code will no longer work. You’ll need to share the new QR code with your customers again if you choose to reset it.

 How can I disable a QR code?

A static QR code cannot be deactivated because the data is stored within the QR Code itself.

Can a QR code be turned off?

A QR Code campaign may be disabled for a variety of reasons, including low conversion rates, decreased engagement, or even unauthorized use. Your phone will not read the QR Code in such instances. A dependable QR Code generator, on the other hand, notifies the user when the QR Code campaign has been disabled.

 Is it possible for someone to utilize my QR code?

QR codes are simple to use; simply scan them with your smartphone camera to access a website or obtain more information. Scammers can manipulate QR codes to obtain personal or financial information.

 Can more than one person use the same QR code?

Yes, you can send QR codes to others. They come in the form of photos that may be shared via messaging apps or social media platforms. If you believe someone might require your QR code, please share it with them.

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