How to Create an Uber Ride Account

Are you fed up with different ride services to move from one place to another? If yes then, Create an Uber Ride Account to manage all your trips. By using this app users can book rides from different ride-hailing services available at the same app.

Uber also offers competitive prices & reward system for users. To get the facility user just needs to install the app & create an Uber Account. To create an Uber Ride Account user will have to add basic information just.

Once a user signs up on Uber, he/she can start booking rides. So if you are a user who wants to get rid of different apps just to hire a ride then simply create an Uber Ride Account. This article is going to cover a complete procedure in an easy way. You just need to read the whole article & have to follow the instructions given in the article to get successful results.

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  • Any Company’s mobile or iPhone
  • An updated version of Android or IOS on the user’s device
  • Users should have Internet service
  • The user should have an active Play Store account

Steps to Create an Uber Ride Account

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 01: Go to Play Store & tap to open it.

Create an Uber Ride Account
Tap Play store

Step 02: Type Uber in the search bar.

IMG 20230321 160834
Type Uber

Step 03: Uber app information will appear with having installation option. Just tap Install to start the installation process.

IMG 20230321 160946
Tap Install

Step 04: The app is installed just need to open it to Create an Uber Ride Account. Tap Open to start the account creation process.

IMG 20230321 161156
Tap Open

Step 05: The app will open having a pop-up to allow location access. Click Allow.

IMG 20230321 161343
Tap Allow

Step 06: The app interface will appear click Get Started.

IMG 20230321 161426
Tap Get Started

Step 07: A list of cell numbers saved in your phone will appear. You have to select a phone number to continue. You can select from them or simply click None of the Above if you don’t want to use any number from the available list. I’ve selected one of my numbers.

IMG 20230321 162031
Select a Phone Number

Step 08: The number will be selected just click Continue.

IMG 20230321 162700
Tap Continue

Step 09: A four-digit code will be sent to the phone number entered by you in the Uber app. Type that four-digit code & click Next.

IMG 20230321 214634
Enter four digit code

Step 10: Another interface will appear, type your first & last name & click Next.

IMG 20230321 162538
Tap Next

Step 11: Agree on Uber, ‘s Terms & Privacy Policy. Check the box in the lower right corner to agree & click Next.

IMG 20230321 162831
Click Next

Step 12: A Ride Account has been created.

Screenshot 2023 03 21 16 30 50 32
Rides Account

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon…

The whole process from installation to creation of an Uber Account has been discussed. Surely it will prove really very helpful for you. By following the instructions mentioned above in the article a user even if he/she does not know much about technology can easily Create an Uber Ride Account. Hope so it will add to your knowledge. If you are interested in getting more Informative material you can visit more articles.

What is Uber 1 Free?

Members of Uber One receive a $0 Delivery Fee as well as up to 10% off of qualifying orders at eateries and retail establishments designated with the Uber One icon. Subscribers will receive $5 in Uber Cash for qualifying deliveries if our Latest Arrival estimate, which is displayed after you place your order, is inaccurate.

Is Uber provides first Ride free?

Depending on the nation you select when creating your account, your Free Uber Ride discount (up to $5 to $10 or another value) will immediately be applied to your first Uber ride.

Do I need a Credit card on Uber?

You can choose between paying with cash or a credit card when you go to the Uber app to order a ride. If you choose to pay with cash, you don’t even need to have a credit card linked to the service.

How does it takes to create an Uber account?

If your provided information is authentic and your papers are accepted, you will get an Uber welcome in a few days. (though it can take up to 2 weeks if there is high demand). You’ll find everything you need in this package, including an Uber sticker for your windshield, to get going.

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