How to Comment under a Comment on TikTok

TikTok provides a platform where users can interacts with one another by sharing, liking & commenting on videos. Comments allow users to express their feelings & thoughts so, when a user comment another user can Comment under a Comment on TikTok to build a community regarding a specific topic. Comment under a comment means replying to a comment.

TikTok comments are also a way to show liking for a content. A user comment on a video & at the same time his/her friend or the member of same interest can Comment under a Comment on TikTok to conduct a useful conversation that will show different aspects about that particular content.

So if you are a TikTok user who wants to know that can you Comment under a Comment on TikTok but finding authentic guidelines then this article is the solution of all of your queries regarding that topic. Read complete article, comment on content of your interest & have good experience of using the app.

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  • Users can use any company’s mobile or iPhone
  • Mobile or iPhone device should have android or IOS operating systems in proper working condition
  • Internet facility should be available
  • Users should have active TikTok account

Steps to Comment under a Comment on TikTok

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 01: Tap TikTok & open it for further use.

Comment under a Comment on TikTok
Tap TikTok

Step 02: Tap Comment Icon available at right side of the interface.

IMG 20230515 193924
Tap Comment Icon

Step 03: Tap on Reply option available under someone’s comment.

IMG 20230515 194038
Tap Reply

Step 04: Finally type a comment & send it.

IMG 20230515 204604
Type & send a comment

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon…

The article has covered a successful procedure to Comment under a Comment on TikTok practically. It will surely prove informative for TikTok users. If you are interested to get more Informative content then visit other articles.

How do you reply to a TikTok comment with a video?

This is how the feature functions. To react with a video, first tap on the comment you wish to respond to. Once you’re ready to record your reply, click the camera button to the left of the comment box. Once your video has been captured, you can add the comment as a sticker to the video so that viewers can know what you’re referring to.

Does TikTok have a comment section?

For every user: select Everyone and have enabled comments for your movie, anyone may leave a comment on it (only for public accounts). (Only for private accounts) For followers: Only individuals who are following you on TikTok can leave comments on your videos if you select Followers and you have that feature enabled.

Does replying to comments on TikTok boost?

The original developer can directly respond to a comment with a video using video replies. All users may view the video response because it is incorporated in the comment section, which promotes even greater participation.

Can I edit my video comment on TikTok?

Even if you were to utilise the TikTok editor, it is not feasible to alter TikTok captions after your TikTok video has been shared and posted. Try the following if you don’t mind losing your comments and likes: Go to your profile first, then choose the video you want to modify.

Can creators delete comments on TikTok?

Any comment you’ve made on a video, including ones you’ve made yourself, can be deleted by long-pressing the comment and choosing Delete. touch the slider or pencil at the top of the comments to select several remarks to be removed from your own video. Then touch Delete.

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