How to Clear Facebook Cache

Facebook is used by millions of people around the world to connect with one another. Being a social media user it is important to know about the internal workings of the platform. Clear Facebook Cache is one of the most important aspects regarding the internal working of this digital platform. It’s mandatory to know for maintenance, performance & privacy purposes. The cache files are stored to decrease loading & ensure smooth performance. But it can take excessive storage & cause privacy concerns. So we can say that cache data affects the performance of Facebook. Clearing the cache is the solution to avoid all such problems.

This article will cover a procedure to make Facebook users able to Clear Facebook Cache. It will cover guidelines that are necessary to keep in mind while doing the cache-clearing process. If you are a user who wants to Clear Facebook Cache but looking for an authentic way then this article is just about you. Read the complete article & follow the all steps to get the desired results. Don’t miss any step as it may be led to unsuccessful results.

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  • Any company’s mobile or iPhone
  • The device should have an active version of Android or IOS operating systems
  • Internet service should be available
  • Users should have an active Facebook account

Steps to Clear Facebook Cache

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 01: Tap to open Facebook.

Clear Facebook Cache
Tap Facebook

Step 02: Type Apps or App Management in the search bar of Settings.

01 Clear Facebook Cache
Tap App management

Step 03: A list of all the apps available on the device will be shown. Locate & tap Facebook from them.

02 Clear Facebook Cache
Tap Facebook

Step 04: App’s detail will be shown. Click Storage usage option.

03 Clear Facebook Cache
Tap Storage Usage

Step 05: Two types of options will be shown. Tap Clear cache to Clear Facebook Cache.

04 Clear Facebook Cache
Tap Clear Cache

Step 06: Finally Cache has been cleared.

05 Clear Facebook Cache
Cache has been cleared

2. For IOS Users

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A successful procedure for “How to Clear Facebook Cache” has been covered. It’s covered in an easy & understandable way to make it useful for all types of users. Any person following the instructions mentioned above can easily clear Facebook cache. Surely it will prove helpful for you & will also add to your technical knowledge. If you are seeking for more informative content then you can visit other articles.

How does Facebook use cache?

On NAND-flash based Solid State Drives (SSDs), Facebook’s caches stores images and videos. We employ SSDs because they offer a lot more capacity than DRAM (i.e., can cache a lot more images) and a lot more random read rates than conventional hard drives (i.e., can handle a lot more requests per second). It enhances the speed & decreases loading but can also create a storage issue.

How often does Facebook clear its cache?

This is so that future queries may be processed more quickly since social media uses a cache mechanism. It is usually refreshed after every 30 days to retain a site’s metadata. The data kept in a cache is frequently out-of-date since it may be a duplicate of data kept elsewhere or the result of an earlier computation. If it is not working due to some issue or simply you may want to clear cache before 30 days then you can use the same process that we have already mentioned in the post.

Does clearing the cache on Facebook delete everything?

If you are using a web browser, you may delete Facebook’s temporary data files by clearing the browser’s cache. When you remove the cache, it will not affect your user profile, photo albums, post history, and friend lists. Your data will be affected when you use the Delete Data option. It will remove your data.

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