How To Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number

Yes, you can check WhatsApp status without save number. WhatsApp status is one of the most useful feature of all messaging apps. Individuals utilize it to communicate their feelings and mental state to their friends. There is no direct way to see someone’s WhatsApp status without saving their number. If you want to check someone’s whatsapp status You must save the number of person to see their status updates. When you save a number & the other contact also saves your number then both persons can see the status of each other’s.

 If you use WhatsApp and like the status of your friends but are confused about “How To Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number” but seeking an authentic way then this article can be the best point for you. Must read the whole article & follow all the steps as any missed step may affect the progress of the process.


  1. Any company’s mobile or iPhone according to user needs.
  2. Mobile or smartphone having Android or IOS operating system in proper working condition.
  3. The user should have an active WhatsApp Account

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Methods to Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number

1 On Android

2 On IOS

Steps to Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number For Android Users

The user can simply check whatsapp status by saving the number by following the complete steps which are covered in this article.

Step 1: Open your Whatsapp on Android.

1 Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number 1

Step 2: At the bottom right, tap Add to Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number.

2 Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number
Tap on add option

Step 3:Tap on new contact

3 Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number
Select new contact

Step 4: Enter the contact’s name and an email or phone number. To pick the account where you want to save the contact: Next to your email account, tap the Down arrow

4 Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number
Enter phone number

Step 5: When you finished tap save.

5 Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number
Select save

Step 6: After saving a number you can check the status

6 Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number
Check Status

Video Guide

How to check whatsapp status without save number

Steps to Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number For IOS Users

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The article has covered a successful practical process of “Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number“. The process has been divided into simple steps to make it understandable for newbies & non-technical users. A user can easily Check Whatsapp Status Without Save Number after following the steps mentioned above. Surely it will prove helpful for you & will also add to your knowledge. If you are interested in getting more informative material then you can visit other articles.

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Can I see someone’s WhatsApp status if they dont have my number saved?

Your status updates can only be seen by someone if you have their phone number in your phone’s address book and they have your phone number in their phone’s address book.Check WhatsApp status without saving the number

How can I see someone’s WhatsApp status without letting them know?

The Android and iOS users can view the WhatsApp Status of their contacts without letting them know simply by disabling read receipts or viewing it offline. You can also check the hidden WhatsApp Status folder directly on your phone to avoid viewing the Status directly.

Can I see how many times someone viewed my WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp status is quite straightforward. After you upload your WhatsApp status, go to the ‘Status’ tab and tap on the Status you uploaded. At the bottom, you will find an eye icon. When you check someone’s WhatsApp status they get to know that you have seen their status

Why do people put WhatsApp Status?

People post in order to get a reaction and most of them crave for support. It is very important to understand for the status viewer that these status updates is not a documentation of the user’s (user posting updates on status) life.

Why do people use status on WhatsApp?

Status is a popular way to share ephemeral updates with friends and close contacts on WhatsApp. They disappear in 24 hours and may include photos, videos, GIFs, text, and more. Just like your personal chats and calls, your WhatsApp status is protected by end-to-end encryption so you can share privately and securely.Check WhatsApp status without saving number

I don’t want to save my phone number, then how can I get WhatsApp blast?

WhatsApp blasts cannot be received without preserving your phone number. You must first save the phone numbers of the recipients in your phone’s contacts before you can send a WhatsApp blast to them. Open WhatsApp after that, and then choose the contacts you wish to send the blast to. Tap the “message” icon at the bottom of the screen after choosing your contacts, then enter your message.

I don’t want to save my number, therefore how do I call?

There are various methods for doing this. Utilising a service like Skype or Google Voice is one option. You can place calls using these services without disclosing your phone number. Using a calling card is an additional method. You can make calls using calling cards without disclosing your credit card or phone number.

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