How to Change WhatsApp QR Code

To add contacts on WhatsApp, a user can save their phone numbers in contacts list or simply scan their QR Code. User can also Change WhatsApp QR Code if has security concerns. QR Codes are type of barcodes that can be easily be scanned by smart devices. In case of security reasons WhatsApp provides the facility to Change WhatsApp QR Code.

QR Code contains information that can be decoded & be a source to add new members in your WhatsApp. It allows users to scan the code of another user & add them as a contact without having to manually save their phone numbers. However, due to privacy or security concerns some users may want to Change WhatsApp QR Code. So, a user is having such situation & thinking about How to Change WhatsApp QR Code then this article can be the best solution of him/her problem.

Although, changing a WhatsApp Code is a simple process but a user have to read the whole article to get exact results. Any missed step may led a user to unsuccessful results.

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  • Mobile or iPhone of any company
  • Mobile or iPhone having Android or IOS operating systems Installed on it.
  • User should have an active WhatsApp Account
  • User must have an Internet Connection

Steps to Change WhatsApp QR Code

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp in your Mobile & tap to open it.

Change WhatsApp QR Code
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: Click three vertical dots available at the upper right corner.

IMG 20230215 161040
Tap Three-dots

Step 3: A drop down list of menu has occurred tap on Settings.

IMG 20230215 161146
Tap Settings

Step 4: Click QR Code icon available at the upper right corner to show Code.

IMG 20230215 161300
Tap Scan Icon

Step 5: Code has shown. User can also three vertical dots option is Available at the upper right corner, tap on it.

IMG 20230215 161704
Tap Three-dots

Step 6: An option to Reset QR code will shown, tap on it to change WhatsApp QR code.

IMG 20230215 161825
Tap Reset QR Code

Step 7: Read notify lines that existing code will no more work. Tap Reset to conform the change of QR Code.

IMG 20230215 162645
Tap Reset

Step 8: Note that QR Code has Changed.

IMG 20230215 162903
Tap OK

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon

Detailed process about How to Change WhatsApp QR Code has been discussed. Surely this article will prove the best solution of your query. After that user will be able to change QR code successfully. If it adds to your knowledge & you are interested to get more information then visit more articles.

What happens if someone has my WhatsApp QR Code?

By scanning your WhatsApp QR code, your loved ones can add you as a contact on the messaging app. Unless you reset it or remove your WhatsApp account, your QR code will not expire. Share your WhatsApp QR code only with people you can trust.

Can you remove QR Code from WhatsApp?

Your WhatsApp QR code will likewise be erased if your WhatsApp account is terminated. If you want to reset without deleting your account then Tap More options > Settings after opening WhatsApp. When your name is displayed next to a QR code, tap it. Select More. QR code reset: RESET > OK as mentioned.

How do you know if someone scans your WhatsApp?

Use two-step verification by following the instructions in the next section. Look for WhatsApp messages. On an iPhone, type WhatsApp into the top-right search box, and on an Android device, use the magnifying glass to search your messages. Watch for notifications of account modifications or access.

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