How to Change WhatsApp Group Icon without Admin

WhatsApp Groups are great ways to make the users able to communicate with friends & family members. Change Group Icon is one of the interesting feature of WhatsApp. User can easily Change WhatsApp Group Icon if permitted by the admins. Group icon represents the group & also makes it easier to identify.

Unfortunately, not all the group members can change WhatsApp Group Icon, only the administration have authority to change Group Icon. But, there can be a possibility when a user wants to Change WhatsApp Group Icon but he/she is not an admin of that particular Group. The process just depends upon the edit limitations set by the administration.

If you are a group member but not the admin of group & wants to change group icon, but confused that How to change whatsapp group icon without admin. This article is going to provides you the solutions of your problem. The condition is that you have to read the article till the end. Any missed step may led you to the unsuccessful results.

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  • Mobile or iPhone of any company
  • Android or IOS operating systems Installed & also should be in a proper working condition
  • User should have an active WhatsApp Account having a group
  • An internet Connection should be available

Steps to Change WhatsApp Group Icon without Admin

point to be noted: The process will only work in groups that are not restricted by the admins.

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp in your mobile & tap to open it.

Change WhatsApp Group Icon
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: Select the group from WhatsApp chats whom icon you want to change, tap on group icon.

IMG 20230216 165017
Click Group Icon

Step 3: Group Icon with other options will be shown. Click on Group Icon.

IMG 20230216 165104
Tap Group Icon

Step 4: Now Click on edit option available at the upper right corner of WhatsApp interface.

IMG 20230216 165147
Tap Edit Icon

Step 5: Select Gallery from the available options. Gallery will provide you with the images that can be selected as Group Icon.

IMG 20230216 165213
Tap Gallery

Step 6: Collection of images stored in Gallery will be shown. Select an image & tap it to set as a group icon.

IMG 20230216 165403
Select Image

Step 7: Photo will appear having an option to crop & set it. If it’s suitable for you then click Done.

IMG 20230216 165700
Tap Done

Step 8: Note that Group Icon has been changed.

IMG 20230216 165630
Icon Updated

Step 9: Finally back to WhatsApp chats interface & note that your selected image has been set as Group Icon.

IMG 20230216 165605 1
Icon Changed

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon

Successful procedure to Change WhatsApp Group Icon without Admin has been completed. Surely it will provide you the best solution of your problem & will also adds to your knowledge. After performing the procedure the user will be able to change WhatsApp Group Icon easily. If you require more information then visit more articles.

Can User Change WhatsApp Group Color?

If you are worried about How Can I Change the WhatsApp Groups Colors? In group chats, you are unable to alter the colour of another person’s name. They would have to attempt to alter the colours on their own. As an alternative, you can modify the background image by choosing Wallpaper from the More options menu when in a group chat.

Can I Change Group Wallpaper on WhatsApp?

You can set a wallpaper for a particular chat or alter your wallpaper for all chats. Additionally, you can dim your Dark mode wallpaper and select wallpapers designed specifically for dark or light modes. Select Wallpaper under More options > Settings finally select Chats. Alternately, you can open a chat and select Wallpaper from the More options menu.

How Do I Join WhatsApp Group without Admin or without Permission?

Since WhatsApp groups are often private and invite-only, there is no simple solution. There are a couple ways to attempt to join a group without authorization, though. Asking a buddy who is already a member of the group to add you is one option. If it doesn’t work, you might try finding the group online and submitting an application to join.

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