How To Change Typing Style In Whatsapp

change Typing Style In Whatsapp is simple and easy work to do. WhatsApp is an online platform. Whatsapp is a free-to-download messenger app for smartphones. WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages. Whatsapp also provides a feature on change typing style in Whatsapp Chat. 

A stylish font in chat helps you to transform your text and make them look cute. These typing styles can help you to personalize your text and also can help you to in writing d digital letters. This typing style is a great way to structure your messages and make them most beautiful. 

So, if you are having a problem about change typing style in Whatsapp. Then you are in the right place. So, please read the whole article for a better understanding.


  1. You must have an android phone.
  2. You need a strong internet connection.
  3. You must have a WhatsApp app on your android phone and have an account on them. If not then install the WhatsApp app first from the google play store.

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Steps to Change Typing Style In Whatsapp

Step 1: The first step to change Typing Style In Whatsapp is to Italicize your text message Place an underscore ( – ) on both sides of your text. By using this your text will be Italicized.

Step 2: The second step to change your Typing Style In Whatsapp is to bolden your text and place an asterisk ( * ) on both sides of your text. By using this your text will be bolded.

Step 3: The third step to change Typing Style In Whatsapp is to put a strikethrough( ~ ) on both sides of your text.

Steps to To Change Typing Style In Whatsapp are completed if you want mor einformation you can video given below.

Video Guide To Change Typing Style In Whatsapp

How To Change Typing Style In Whatsapp

I hope this article is helpful for you if you want to To change typing Style In Whatsapp. You see step-by-step guidelines to to Change typing Style In Whatsapp at once and it’s now easy for you to do it. If you want to get more information regarding other problems with WhatsApp then follow the following links.

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On WhatsApp, how do you write in cursive?

You must activate the keyboard options for languages with a different script in order to use WhatsApp’s cursive feature. Choose the language you want to use by going to Settings > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard in WhatsApp. Then, by touching the Globe icon in the bottom left corner of the keyboard, you may access the keyboard.

How do I find out if someone is surreptitiously checking my WhatsApp account?

There are a few indicators you can watch out for, but there is no foolproof method to detect if someone is reading your WhatsApp chats without your knowledge. It may be a clue that someone is watching your account if you find that your phone is constantly flashing with fresh notifications, even when you haven’t received any new messages.

How can I change the language?

There isn’t a universal solution to this problem because the best technique to alter the language will depend on your individual requirements. The Windows 10 Language Settings program, a third-party language changer, or altering the Registry are various methods for changing the language in Windows 10.

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