How to Change Email in WhatsApp

WhatsApp use email for verifications & recoveries. Users can add or Change Email in WhatsApp. And use their mail address for a purpose according to their requirements. However people may change their email address & also want to change the email address associated with their WhatsApp account. If you are looking to Change Email in WhatsApp, you’ve come to right place. Whether you are switching to new email or correcting an old one, this article will help you to update your information properly & quickly. Must read the whole article to get appropriate results.

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  • Mobile or Iphone
  • Android or IOS operating system installed on mobile.
  • User must have an active WhatsApp Account
  • User must have an active Email account
  • User must have an Internet Connection

Steps to Change Email in WhatsApp

  1. Change Email on Andriod
  2. Change Email on IOS

1. Change Email on Android

Step 1: Go to Apps installed on your phone. And click WhatsApp to open it for use.

Change Email in WhatsApp
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: Click three-dots available at upper right corner of WhatsApp interface.

IMG 20230202 181233
Tap three dots

Step 3: Go to Settings of WhatsApp by clicking on Settings.

IMG 20230202 073650 1
Tap Settings

Step 4: Select Account form the available list of options.

IMG 20230202 073837
Tap account

Step 5: Then next select Two-step verification.

IMG 20230202 073906
Tap Two-step verification

Step 6: A list of options will be shown. Select Change email address from those options.

IMG 20230202 073935
Tap Change email address

Step 7: Add new email address that you want to update in WhatsApp & click Next.

IMG 20230202 175431 1
Tap Next

Step 8: Re-type email address for confirmation & click Save.

IMG 20230202 175703
Tap Save

Step 9: You will note WhatsApp will start to apply changings.

IMG 20230202 175922
Settings will applied

Step 10: After the completion of changing process. Note that a notification will appear that Email address set.

IMG 20230202 185203
Email address has set

2. Change Email On IOS

Coming Soon.

Complete detailed process to Change Email in WhatsApp has been discussed. By following these steps user can Change Email in WhatsApp in a secure & accurate way. This will surely prove beneficial for you. If you want more information then visit more articles.

Is it easy to Change email in WhatsApp?

Yes, it’s easy to change. It can be done by signing into your account on the website and selecting “Profile” from the top menu bar. The “Email Address” section can be found on the Profile page. You can change your email address by clicking on this.

Is WhatsApp linked to Gmail?

No, WhatsApp is not linked to Gmail.

Is WhatsApp linked to phone or email?

Phone numbers are linked to each and every WhatsApp account. It’s likely that the previous owner of your current phone number utilised WhatsApp because cell providers sometimes recycle phone numbers.

How to verify if your chat backup is linked to right email ID?

By checking the email ID updated in the Chat backup option under chats option in your WhatsApp Settings.

Is Gmail connected to WhatsApp?

Backups produced on WhatsApp are linked to the Google account and Phone Number used to create them. Google may automatically destroy WhatsApp backups that haven’t been updated in the last five months.

Can we get WhatsApp verification code by email?

User must have to verify account by using phone number in form of SMS or voice call. WhatsApp don’t send verification code through email. Just have to check sms. There a verification code will be available for account verification.

Can we login WhatsApp with Gmail account?

In this situation, they won’t have direct access to your WhatsApp chats. If you are referring to the backup of your chats that you saved to your Google drive account, it will be encrypted and accessible only by WhatsApp when you backup or restore the chats.

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