How to change background on Facebook posts

Facebook being a popular social media platform facilitates its users to express their feelings in different ways. Users express their feelings, emotions, or branding through Facebook postings. Users can also apply different editing features to edit their post professionally. By using the editing features they can change background on Facebook posts. Same like that they can also apply other editing features to give their post a professional look. This article is going to cover a process that will make users able to change background on Facebook posts.

Users can add different backgrounds available on Facebook & can also add personal visuals to their Facebook posts. Changing a Facebook post’s background can make the post eye-catching & professional. If you are a Facebook user who wants to change background on Facebook posts then this article can prove helpful for you. Read & follow the all instructions to get desired results.

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  • Users can use any company’s mobile or iPhone
  • The device should have an active version of Android or IOS operating systems
  • Internet service should be available
  • Users should have an active Facebook account

Steps to change background on Facebook posts

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Step 01: Tap Facebook app available on the device.

Change Background on Facebook post
Tap Facebook

Step 02: Tap Profile Icon available at the left side of the interface.

change background on Facebook posts
Tap Profile Icon

Step 03: Tap Three-horizontal dots.

3change background on Facebook posts
Tap Three-horizontal dots

Step 04: Tap Edit Post option from the available list of options.

4change background on Facebook posts
Tap Edit Post

Step 05: Set a proper background that suits to your post & click SAVE.

5change background on Facebook posts
Tap Save

Step 06: Background has been changed.

6change background on Facebook posts
Background has been changed

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon…

The article has covered a successful procedure to change background on Facebook post. Mentioned guidelines will prove really very helpful for you. Setting a proper background is mandatory to enhance reach at Facebook account. So set a proper background & enjoy the full experience of using the platform. To get more Informative material visit other articles.

How can I color text in a Facebook post?

Even if an attendee is not a Facebook user, the presenter of the event can still invite them by getting in touch with them by phone or email. If you don’t have a Facebook account, we’ll email or call you with a link to the event invitation instead. You can opt-out or reply to the event using that link.

What is the size of the background of a Facebook Post?

Selecting the Proper Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions. On a PC, the Facebook cover photo measures 820 pixels wide by 312px high. Users on mobile devices, meanwhile, will see 640 by 360 pixels. The first step in projecting the ideal image on social media is choosing the appropriate Facebook cover photo size.

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