How to change a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture

There are some methods to change a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture, Unfortunately, you can’t alter someone’s WhatsApp profile image. The WhatsApp profile picture of a user cannot be changed directly or through an internal tool. One thing you may do is modify your desktop picture by adding your friend’s profile photo. Everyone can see it that way. There are several methods, nevertheless, that could assist you in doing that. Here are a few suggestions you can use to update someone’s WhatsApp profile image.


  1.  Mobile or iPhone
  2.  Mobile or Smartphone having installed android or IOS operating system.
  3.  Your mobile device should be able to connect to the internet
  4. The user should have an active Gmail account

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Methods to change a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture

Method 1: Sneakily use the target’s phone to change a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture

The target user’s profile picture can be covertly changed on their mobile device. All you have to do is stealthily take their phone, find the picture you want to post to their DP and upload it. Before you or someone from WhatsApp alerts them of the altered profile photo, the user will not be aware that someone has changed their profile picture.

So, changing the target’s profile photo can be done in one of the simplest methods possible. The main drawback is that getting access to the user’s phone requires being physically close to them. In addition, it would be tough to open the target’s smartphone if they had used a password. Even if you can unlock their phone, changing the profile image is not simple. This is possible only if you are friends with the individual who posted the photographs with you.

Method 2: Request that they modify their profile photo to change a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture

The best thing you can do is suggest that change a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture. Give a compelling argument for why they shouldn’t continue to use their present WhatsApp profile picture. This is a tricky trick because the other person might or might not consider your suggestion. There is a strong possibility that someone close to you may alter their profile image if you recommend it to them.

The complete process of change a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture has been discussed. Surely it will provide you with the solution to your query. If you are required to have more information then read more articles

How do you change the profile photo on a GIF?

There are various methods for doing this. Utilizing a GIF-hosting website, such as, is one option. Once you’ve located the GIF you wish to use, copy the URL and enter it in the website’s space designated for your profile photo. A GIF can also be used as your profile photo by using an app like Gibbon.

How do you get a profile photo that moves?

A profile picture that moves can be obtained in a few different methods. Making a GIF file of yourself and using it as your profile picture is one option. Another option is to make an animated profile photo using an internet program.

Can my WhatsApp profile image be seen by all of my contacts?

A WhatsApp Pay user must start a payment to a contact to use the service. The user can set up their UPI account on WhatsApp once the request is received.

What does it signify when someone’s WhatsApp profile image is constantly changing?

“Those that frequently alter their profile photographs are anxious, lacking in confidence, and frequently making snap judgments. These people are also known to be distrustful and hard to trust.

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