How to Block a Group in WhatsApp

To Block a Group in WhatsApp is useful for those who are no longer need to to receive notification or messages from a specific group. Either it is the group of friends & family members or a group created for short time activities، blocking the group will prevent you from being bothered by its notifications & messages.

Although there is no facility available to block a Group in WhatsApp. However you can Exit from Group or can mute notifications of the group .Whatever the reasons or users may change their mind, consequently just no more interested to recieve messages from group. And looking for How to Block a Group in WhatsApp, this article is all about you. Must read the complete article to get appropriate results. If you miss a step it may not generate the results desired by you.

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  • You should have mobile of any company.
  • Android or IOS operating systems on mobile in proper working condition
  • User should have an active WhatsApp Account having a Group
  • User must have an Internet Connection on Mobile or iPhone

Steps to Block a Group in WhatsApp

  1. Block on Android
  2. Block on IOS

1. Block on Android

If a user wants to Block a Group in WhatsApp on Mobile there can be to options:

  1. Mute notifications of Group
  2. Exit from Group
1. Mute notifications of Group

Steps 01: Search & Click WhatsApp app on your Mobile.

Block a Group in WhatsApp
Tap WhatsApp

Step 02: Select a particular Group whom you want to mute notifications & tap on it to open.

IMG 20230207 071700
Select a Group

Step 03: When group chat is opened, Tap group info.

IMG 20230208 160246
Tap group info

Step 04: When group information has appeared, Mute notifications option will appear besides a toggle switch option.

IMG 20230207 071825 1
Note a Mute notifications option

Step 05: Tap toggle option. It will changed into green color. Which means that it has switched. And at the same time a notification will appear having time period to select for how long you want to mute notifications.

IMG 20230207 072059
Select a time duration

Step 06: After selecting a time duration click OK.

IMG 20230208 161416
Tap OK

Step 07: Notifications have muted. You will not receive any notification now from group.

IMG 20230207 072159
Notifications are muted.
2. Exit from Group

Step 01: Select a particular Group from where you want to exit.

IMG 20230207 072749
Select a Group

Step 02: Tap group info to get access to other information of group.

IMG 20230207 072749 1
Tap group info

Step 03: Scroll it down, an option to Exit Group will appear. Tap on it.

Step 04:

IMG 20230207 072929
Tap Exit Group

Step 05: Click Exit to verify that you want to Exit form that group.

IMG 20230207 073031
Tap Exit

Step 06: Scroll up the interface of group info. You will see a notification that you are no longer exist in the Group.

IMG 20230207 073437 1
User has Exit

Step 07: Go to Chats> Open group. You will also see a notification here available at the end of the interface that you can’t send messages because you are no longer a participant of that group.

IMG 20230207 073230
User has Exit

2. Block on IOS

Coming Soon.

Detailed process about How to Block a Group in WhatsApp has been discussed. These solutions are going to be the beneficial solution of your problem. By following these steps a user will be able to avoid irrelevant or unwanted data from a group. If you are looking for more Informative material you can read more articles.

Can I block a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing?

You will now see the “Group Notifications” tab option, which includes a toggle switch for “Alerts.” Mute or disable the WhatsApp group by turning it off. This is how you practically exit a WhatsApp group covertly and without being noticed.

How can I hide a Group on WhatsApp without exiting?

Long-press on the group you wish to exit secretly in WhatsApp after it has opened. Now select Archive Chat from the menu.

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