How to add members from one group to another on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used messaging app in the world. It provides a variety of features & functions for users to including the ability to create & to add members from one group to another group. Advantage of creating a group is that one message sent to many people at a time. Besides this, WhatsApp allows it’s users to see how many people have reached their messages, how many people have seen & how many people are left.

Groups are useful way to share informative data to many people at the same time so, people create groups according to their need.

In a situation when a user have to create two or more groups at a time, it can be time taking. User have to create groups and have to add contacts one after another in different groups. So WhatsApp provides the facility to add members of one group to another means a user can duplicate the group. If you are facing same issue & thinking about How to add members from one group to another on whatsapp then this article is must about you. Just read the whole article and follow complete steps. A missed step may led you to inaccurate results.

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  • Any company’s PC or Laptop
  • Android or IOS operating systems working properly
  • User should have an active WhatsApp account
  • User must have a PC or Laptop having active windows
  • Internet Connection should be available on both Mobile or iPhone & PC or Laptop.

Steps to add members from one group to another on whatsapp

  1. For Windows Users
  2. For Mac Users

1. For Windows Users

Step 01: Search and click Google Chrome from your desktop.

add members from one group to another
Tap Google Chrome

Step 02: Type in search bar of Google Chrome.

add g 2
Type address

Step 03: Tap on Click here to use the services.

add g 3
Tap Click here

Step 04: To agree the terms & conditions click AGREE AND START TRIAL.

add g 4
Tap Agree and Start Trial

Step 05: An interface will occur simply link your WhatsApp by scanning QR code.

Screenshot 2023 01 31 17 15 23 20
Scan QR code

Step 06: Your android WhatsApp will linked to Windows & you are now able to use it on your PC or Laptop.

add g 5
WhatsApp has linked

Step 07: Select & Open the Chat of a Group from where you want to add members to another Group.

add g 6
Open chat of a group

Step 08: Click three vertical dots available at the upper right corner.

add g 7
Tap three-dots

Step 09: A drop down list of options will be available. Select Duplicate group.

add g 8
Tap Duplicate group

Step 10: Note that another group is going to be created & all of your contacts from the already available group are added in advance.

add g 9
Note old group contacts

Step 11: All contacts of old group has been added to new group. Click the arrow icon to go to next step.

add g 9
Tap arrow icon

Step 12: You will see a new group & you haven’t need find & to add members from one group to another. Just type the name for your new group & Click the green tick icon to go to next step.

add g 10
Tap Right tick icon

Step 13: Note in your chats interface another group has been created with same contacts that were add in old group. This group is ready to use.

add g 12
Use new Group

Step 14: Finally go to WhatsApp account that is active on your phone. Just open & check both the old & new groups.

IMG 20230131 184337
Note Groups on Phone

2. For Mac Users

Coming Soon

Detailed process to about How to add members from one group to another on whatsApp has been completed successfully. No doubt, it’s be the best solution of your problem. Well if you are interested to get more Informative data, visit more articles.

Can WhatsApp chats be grouped together?

Go to settings of WhatsApp tap New Group. Create a new group by adding your contacts. You can add up to 256 members.

Why I am unable to add members from one group to another on WhatsApp?

There could be a variety of reasons, you might be unable to add someone to a WhatsApp group. One possibility is that the person may have already been added to the group by another member. Additionally, it’s possible that they’ve blocked you.

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