How to add Location in WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides the facility to add Location in WhatsApp to share it with your friends or family members. You can share your live location for up to eight hours at a time, or you can send a one-time pin of where you are right now. You can also stop sharing your location at any time. So, if you want to share your location but are unsure that How to add Location in WhatsApp then this article will teach you how to use WhatsApp to add Location. Kindly read the whole article. If you miss a single step, you may be not able to get the required result of your query.

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  • Mobile or Iphone
  • Mobile or smart phone having Android or IOS operating system in proper working condition
  • User should have an Internet Connection on mobile
  • User should have an active WhatsApp Account

Steps to add Location in WhatsApp

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Before starting the process make it clear that to add Location in WhatsApp you have to do:

  • Allow permission to WhatsApp to for access by using mobile Settings
  • Set exact location by updating Google Map
  • Turn GPS on to track your location
  • Finally you a user can share location to the desired contact

Step 1: If you are sharing first time your location then you have to give the permissions. So, first of all Go to the Settings of your phone to manage access.

add Location in WhatsApp
Tap Settings

Step 2: Go to App management & tap it.

  • Option can be find by scrolling down the list of available options
  • Or can be searched by typing in the search bar of Settings
IMG 20230130 182708
Tap App management

Step 3: List of apps will appear. Search and tap WhatsApp. List of apps can be scroll down to find the required app.

IMG 20230130 183230
Tap WhatsApp

Step 4: Details of WhatsApp app will be shown. Click permissions.

IMG 20230130 183309
Tap Permissions

Step 5: Allow location permission to WhatsApp by taping the toggle key.

IMG 20230130 183337
Permission to location access

Step 6: Now WhatsApp has access to location.

Screenshot 2023 01 30 16 58 47 44
WhatsApp has permission

Step 7: Next you have to go to Google Maps ap to set your exact location.

IMG 20230130 183729
Tap Google Maps

Step 8: Write your address in search bar of Google Maps to locate your location.

IMG 20230130 183814
Search address

Step 9: Spread the map to set it to your exact location.

IMG 20230130 184109
Set exact location

Step 10: Now Go to WhatsApp. Tap to open it for use.

IMG 20230126 205103 5
Tap WhatsApp

Step 11: Select a contact whom you want to share your location.

IMG 20230130 183613 2
Select contact

Step 12: Tap contact’s chat to open it & click on attachment icon.

IMG 20230130 184148
Tap attachment icon

Step 13: Various options will be shown for attachment. Select location.

IMG 20230130 184210
Tap Location

Step 14: When location is selected it will require to able GPS to track exact location. Simply click ok. It will laid to location enable option.

IMG 20230130 192043
Click OK

Step 15: Enable location by tapping toggle key.

IMG 20230130 192158
Enable location

Step 16: Now user can see option to share live or current location. It’s up to user’s need to select Live or Current location. We are going to select share Live location.

IMG 20230201 214220
Select an option to share Location

Step 17: User’s exact location will show.

IMG 20230130 192429
User’s live location

Step 18: User can add a time limitation up to 8 hours & can also add comment. Select time limit & add comment according to your requirement.

IMG 20230130 193133
Add time & comment

Step 19: Click the send icon to share the location.

IMG 20230201 220003
Tap send button.

Step 20: Location has shared to the desired contact in WhatsApp.

IMG 20230130 193604
Location is shared.

2. For IOS Users

Coming Soon.

Detailed process to add Location in WhatsApp has been discussed. These recommendations will surely prove beneficial to sort out your problem. If you require more Informative data visit more articles.

How does WhatsApp know Location of business?

Open settings of your mobile. Tap location. Next Tap App access location . Finally Tap WhatsApp

What I have to do to add location in WhatsApp as status tag?

Select a photo or video by clicking on it or from the gallery. Select the emoji icon from the list above. Select the “place sticker” from the list of content stickers. To change the location, either hit the “Select your current location” button or look for other possibilities.

Can I add location in WhatsApp from Google Map?

Yes user can add Location in WhatsApp by using Google Map.

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