How to add GIF in WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides the facility to add GIF in WhatsApp. With a GIF, users may transmit animated graphics that express their sentiments, thoughts, or mood in a fun way to their friends or family members. WhatsApp provides a library of saved GIFs and lets users send and receive them. If a person wants to add a GIF in WhatsApp to share it with his/her contacts but he have a problem that How to add GIF in WhatsApp solutiondraft is providing the solution of their problem. You are required to read the whole article just.

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  • Any company’s mobile according to user need.
  • Mobile or smart phone having Android or IOS operating system in proper working condition.
  • User should have an active WhatsApp Account
  • Internet Connection on user’s mobile.

Steps to add Gif in WhatsApp

  1. Add on Android
  2. Add on IOS

1. Add on Android

Users can add GIF in WhatsApp by simply selecting from Tenor GIFs available in WhatsApp library. Or can also add their specific GIFs by using their own vedios from the phone Gallery. This article will cover both procedures.

  • Add own GIF using vedios available in phone Gallery
  • Add GIF from stored collection available in WhatsApp library.

Add own GIF using vedios available in phone Gallery

Step 1: Tap WhatsApp to open it for use.

add Gif in WhatsApp
Tap WhatsApp

Step 2: Open chat of any contact you want to add a GIF.

IMG 20230203 132217
Select a contact

Step 3: Tap attachment icon available in lower menus available in chat surface.

IMG 20230203 132724
Tap Attachment

Step 4: Then select Gallery option for an attachment.

IMG 20230203 132850
Tap Gallery

Step 5: Go to Vedios folder of your mobile storage available in phone Gallery.

IMG 20230203 133058
Select Videos folder

Step 6: Select any Vedio that you want to add as GIF.

IMG 20230203 133416
Select Vedio

Step 7: After selecting a Vedio when you are at the interface where you are able to send it now to a contact, you have to do the two things:

  • Trim your Vedio less than 6 seconds. It can be trim to any size less then 6 seconds but it should not be more then 6 seconds.
  • Note at right side two type of options are available for toggle. Your Vedio is currently in a Vedio form not in a GIF.
IMG 20230203 133905
Trim Vedio

Step 8: Now toggle option from Vedio to GIF to add it in GIF form.

IMG 20230203 134225
Select GIF

Step 9: Finally Tap send Icon available in WhatsApp to add GIF.

IMG 20230203 134014 2
Tap Send Icon

Step 10: GIF has been added to the WhatsApp.

IMG 20230203 134351
GIF has sent

Add GIF from stored collection available in WhatsApp library.

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp & open it> Select any contact’s chat to whom you want to send a GIF. (User can also follow the instructions given above)> Tap emoji icon next to the text input area.

IMG 20230203 180423
Select Emoji icon

Step 2: Tap GIF section.

IMG 20230203 180558

Step 3: Collection of GIFs will be shown. List can be scroll down to see the collection.Tap any GIF to send it to your contacts.

IMG 20230203 180713
See collection of GIFs

Step 4: Tap send icon.

IMG 20230203 180823
Tap send Icon

Step 5: GIF has been sent.

IMG 20230203 180928
GIF has sent

2. Add on IOS

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Detailed process about How to add GIF in WhatsApp has been discussed. User can follow the instructions to add GIF in WhatsApp according to their own requirements. These directions will surely prove gainful for you. If you are looking for more Informative knowledge read more articles.

Why can’t I add GIF to WhatsApp?

GIF ensures that the link will work. In other circumstances, though, you can obtain an inline embedded image with a static preview. Custom GIFs created on your Computer can’t be uploaded to WhatsApp Web.

How do I use a GIF as sticker?

Select the sticker option under the Create tab. From here, you can select any JPG or PNG from your library. You have the choice to use a Lasso tool to trim your image out if necessary after selecting the file to convert into a GIF sticker.

I add GIF in WhatsApp but why my GIF is not working?

It’s possible that the size of your GIF file is the reason it’s not playing or looping. You must lower the size if it is larger than 1920 pixels wide or 1080 pixels height. You can use a variety of cost-free internet programmes that range in level of intricacy.

What does GIF stands for?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Formate. A file format that supports both static & animated images.

What is the difference between GIF & emoji?

Simple moving images with no sound, or GIFs, are a common and important form of expression. It offers a quick and simple approach to convey the setting’s predicament, joy, or sadness. Emojis, which are variations on standard emoticons, are a quick way to give any message style and zing. Users can add GIF in WhatsApp or can add emoji according to their requirements.

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