How To Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a platform used to connect people with each other across different countries. When we use WhatsApp we try to reach out to people from other countries like India and try to add them to our Whatsapp. For business and other concerns. With this feature, we can connect with people from other countries and adding someone on Whatsapp for the business can make our contacts better with the people of other countries. Sometimes we try to add an Indian number to Whatsapp we don’t understand how we can perform it.

If you want information on How To Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp then you are at the right place. Here you see the step-by-step guidelines to add an Indian number to Whatsapp start the process and see how it works. Just read the whole article to get the appropriate results. In this article, we will explain to you the complete process of adding an Indian Number To WhatsApp.


  1. You must have an Android phone.
  2. You need a strong internet connection.
  3. You must have a WhatsApp app on your Android phone and have an account on them. If not then install the WhatsApp app first from the Google Play Store.

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Add an Indian Number to WhatsApp via Android

To add an Indian number to whatsapp via Android. You have to follow these step

Step 1: To Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp the first step is to open your phone contacts option.

1 Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp
Tap on “Contacts” to open

Step 2: Click on the + sign to add a new contact in the address book.

2 Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp
Click to add new contact

Step 3: Enter the country code with + sign and add new number in the contacts.

3 Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp
Add new contact with country code

Step 4: Tap on save to save the new contact in the address book.

4 Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp
Click on “Save”

Step 5: Now tap on the “whatsapp” icon to open whatsapp.

5 Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp
Tap on whatsapp

Step 6: Tap on the chat icon to open whatsapp contacts

6 Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp
Tap on chat icon

Step 7: Tap on the search bar to search for the contact you added.

7 Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp
Search in “search bar”

By following these steps you can add an Indian number to whatsapp. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Here is the video link for better understanding.

Video Guide

How to Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp

The article has covered a successful practical process of “Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp“. The process has been divided into simple steps to make it understandable for newbies & non-technical users. A user can easily Add An Indian Number To WhatsApp after following the steps mentioned above. Surely it will prove helpful for you & will also add to your knowledge. If you are interested in getting more informative material then you can visit other articles.

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How do I text an Indian number on WhatsApp?

In the phone number area, enter for the registered WhatsApp mobile number with which you want to speak. The country code, which for India is 91, must also be given.

What is the country code for India?

The country code of the
Indian number whatsapp is +91

Can an Indian WhatsApp number be used in the USA?

Yes, it is possible to use an Indian WhatsApp number in the US. However, keep in mind that because calls to or from India tend to be more expensive than calls within the United States, you can have some call quality concerns. Additionally, you might not be able to contact folks in the United States if you try to use your Indian WhatsApp number when travelling outside of India.

I want to change my WhatsApp, but I don’t want to lose my calls.

You must first back up your calls and messages if you wish to change your WhatsApp number without losing your calls. You can deactivate your previous WhatsApp account and start a new one with the new number after backing them up. Restore your calls and messages once you’ve made the new account.

On an outdated phone, can I still access previous WhatsApp messages?

On an outdated phone, you may access older WhatsApp messages, yes. Open WhatsApp and select Menu > Settings > Chat settings > Backup conversations to view your older communications. Select the relevant backup file by tapping the ‘Restore’ button.

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