How to add a link to bio on TikTok

TikTok is an amazing platform to promote business & brands. One of the most important advantage of TikTok is to add a link to bio on TikTok. It can be beneficial to get traffic to website or other social media platforms to increase online visibility & improve brand’s reach. It can also helps to maintain a connection with audience.

A link can be added to TikTok by following some steps. This article will cover complete practical procedure to add link to bio on TikTok. To do this users should have an active TikTok account. After creation of account users can easily add links to it’s bio. There are some requirements like users have to switch to business account & should have 1000 followers at least.

It’s possible that a user may not have 1000 followers or may not want to switch to business account but still wants to add link to bio then post’s instructions will also work for such type of users. Being a TikTok user if you wants to add link to bio on TikTok then this article contains useful content for you. It will also provide instructions for both business or non-business accounts. Read the whole article to have successful procedure.

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  • Users can use any company’s mobile or iPhone
  • User’s device should have android or IOS operating systems in proper working condition
  • Users should have Internet facility
  • Users should have an active TikTok account

Steps to add a link to bio on TikTok

  1. For Android Users
  2. For IOS Users

1. For Android Users

Point to be noted:

There are a few requirements to add a link to bio on TikTok as user should have a business account & more then 1000 followers. If you’ve are eligible then you can add a clickable link simply by following the instructions given below. But in a situation when you are a new user or don’t have 1000 followers then you can also add link. That link will also work. Just read the instructions carefully.

Step 01: Tap on TikTok & open it for further use.

add a link to bio on TikTok
Click on TikTok

Step 02: Tap Profile option available at the lower right corner of the interface.

IMG 20230521 180539
Tap Profile

Step 03: Tap Edit profile option.

IMG 20230521 180653
Tap Edit Profile

Step 04: Tap Bio from the available list of options.

IMG 20230521 180757
Tap Bio

Step 05: Type a link. Link can be of your’s site link. After typing link tap Save option available at the upper right corner of the interface.

IMG 20230521 180850
Type Link

Step 06: Link has been saved.

IMG 20230521 180947
Link is saved

Step 07: Now go to your Bio again. As the added link is not click-able so, select the typed link to browse it. Use CHROME option if it’s appear otherwise copy the link text. Finally paste it in browser’s search bar to browse it.

IMG 20230521 181051
Select & copy Link

2. For IOS Users

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Successful procedure to add a link to bio on TikTok has been completed. Surely it will prove really very helpful for you. Steps are discussed in detail & from the start of using TikTok app. So it’s a best source for all TikTok users specially for newbies. To get more Informative content you can visit other articles.

How to add a link to bio on TikTok?

First of all ensure that you have a business account before you can add a link to your TikTok bio. Only business TikTok accounts are eligible for the website link option, and you must also have at least 1000 followers. On the other hand you can read the instructions given above to add a link to bio on TikTok without 1000 following.

How many followers do you need to put a link in your bio on TikTok?

Clickable links to your TikTok stories can be added if you have over 10,000 followers.

How do you put two links in TikTok bio?

Use the Linktree tool if you want to add many links to your TikTok bio. A landing page with numerous clickable connections can be made using the free tool Linktree. The Linktree link can then be added to your TikTok bio, sending your followers to your Linktree landing page.

Why put link in bio?

People that are interested in a brand may find it easier to learn more if you have a functional link on your profile. Some examples of how to use your link in bio are: Promote any discounts or sales you’ll be having.

Why is my link in bio not opening?

The TikTok app may not function properly if it is out of date if you try to add a link to your bio. By visiting the app store or Play Store on your smartphone and looking for any available updates, you can ensure that you are using the most recent version of the app. Install the most recent TikTok update.

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